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12" Vinyl D 16.02.18
the torben unit band from berlin returns more experimental than ever whilst still being rooted between jazz and rock. after the self-titled first lp on money $ex records, the second album -sawaasch garahsch- will be out in winter 2017. no label – self-released. the new album consists of many episodes telling a story that couldn t be purer nor rawer. jazz-rock is the genus when modal madness meets electronic soul and psychedelic spheres. the spectrum of instruments being used is huge: from bouzouki to pearl s syncussion, there is no limit of instrumentation whilst the core of e-piano, guitar, bass and drums mostly remains. torben unit s concerts as well as the records are a guaranteed jazz-rock party with never ending feeling.

karl neumann: keys & vocals georg seibt: drums ludwig labuzinski: synths & effects valentin handrick: keys & percussion gerry franke: guitar & bouzouki max graef: bass & rhythmguitar
Torben Unit
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2x12" Vinyl lp D 09.02.17
new band name, new lp, the former max graef band toured and worked on new music all year. musical progress, and the impression of not enough edge and rawness in a lot of recent music, inspired and motivated a majority of the recording. the band has grown as a unit and wrote a lot of material together this year in late night sessions. during 2 weeks of recording the new songs in the studio the goal was to try all sorts of instruments, amps and effects and be open to any combination of sounds. furthermore, they and engineer lutz fahrenkrog-petersen tried to capture and maintain the raw feeling of the live recordings using almost exclusively analog pedals and racks as well as keeping the editing of the recordings to a minimum. although bands like et cetera (wolfgang dauner), embryo or xhol have heavily infuenced max graef and his band, the result turned out very original ranging from distorted jazz-rock to experimental soul, electronic percussion workouts to free sound experiments and psychedelic rock. with some tracks being around 14 minutes long, it is better to let the music speak for itself though.
Money $ex
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