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12" Vinyl UK 22.06.18
nice price deal !!! label boss sticks tongue in cheek & heads for the big room. imagine kraftwerk, farley keith & daft punk in a bar room brawl, then make up over an mpc 60 & a bag of sour diesel.
Northside District
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12" Vinyl D 10.07.12
tony ollivierras issued a generous number of singles and eps under the ibex moniker on rushhour, planet e, yore, and his own ibex music, and now follows up his 2010 yore release, meltdown, with absolution, though this time under his birth name. no matter: ollivierras music sounds great, whether issued under his real name or an alias, and absolution is no exception. the infectious title cut gets things moving with a bass-powered blend of claps and funky rhythms before chunky house chords and silken synth figures add to the tracks multi-layered splendour. a jazzier dimension rises to the surface of quick release when the tunes churning hi-hats are joined by royally swinging electric piano playing and luscious synth pads.phase down opts for a purer deep house sound in its focus on kick drums, claps, and futuristic synths, though the track proves that ollivierras naturally funky side cant help but emerge, here as it does elsewhere.
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12" Vinyl US 19.01.12
the detroit area artist/producer once called ibex is no more. due to other artists copying the ibex brand, tony ollivierra will now be recording as his real name under his new label northside district. this first release demonstrates a continued appreciation for the roots of electronic music, with several of these tracks sounding like they were buried in a time capsule back in 1987, and unearthed after marinating for twenty years or so. this should come as no surprise, since tony has been producing tracks for about that long.
Northside District
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12" Vinyl US 18.10.12
following up on the success of patrice scotts orbital bliss ep, sistrum moves further into the exploration of modern electronic music with the 2nd installment of the aphotic segments series. as always, quality is the key and deep vibes are the order of the day.
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2xcd D 08.11.13
still music presents the second volume of the in the dark: detroit is back series showcases a wealth of the motor city taken including marcellus pittman, delano smith, rick white, amp fiddler and many more.
Still Music

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Vinyl (EUR 23.99)
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