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12" Vinyl D 19.07.19
number 5 of the >deep in india< series
Todh Teri
in stock
10.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 31.08.18
vinyl only! international man of mystery todh teri is back on his mission of sneaking in acid tinged bollywood cuts at clubs & festivals globally (by sneaking into the record bags of unsuspecting djs & selectors worldwide). with volume 4 of deep in india, he presents 4 new flavours with which he further cements these intentions. first up, a big slice of caribbean sunshine thats straight out of the silver screen, which guarantees to energise dance floors of all sizes. next up - an updated classic disco anthem, for the spanish hustlin / bell bottom peddlin disco freak inside of you. followed by oodles of dance floor intrigue & mystery, with a rolling acid stomper thats best suited for dark warehouses & basements. and finally, a slow burning slice of acid funk, chugging away on a bed of layered 303 basslines & suspense. with 4 new edits of various contrasts, deep in india volume 4 aims to be ‘that freaky record in your record bag this season.
Todh Teri
out of stock
10.35 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.04.18
fresh from his recent tour full of sweaty live sets & deep record digging in the motherland, todh teri is back with the 3rd instalment of his deep in india series of edits & reworks. first up, a chunky acid rework of a huge 90s hit brimmed with relentless drum programming & shimmering peaks of ecstasy. followed up by a suspenseful tribal house reinterpretation of a 60s cabaret classic (with a breathless twist that would definitely leave the purists scratching their heads). the final one is strictly day time dance business drenched in caribbean sun rays & the evergreen vocals of 80s pakistani disco diva.all 3 tracks in this release are the essential bollywood disco curve balls that you need in your record bag to set dance floors ablaze all over the world.
Todh Teri
out of stock
10.65 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.10.17
following up right after its first vinyl release, todh teri returns with volume 2. todh teri’s retrospective continues to reimagine the golden era of indian cinema. sampadan chaar revisits a bollywood ballad with a light breeze of acid thrown on. next up, a homage to a legendary indian producer, with a retouch to his classic 1980’s tune. the final edit on the ep takes on a sensuous super hit from a pakistani-born disco queen. giving it a little soul, and a lot of groove. making this a significant release that proves the artist will continue to produce top notch reworks. once again todh teri recreates memories of the legacy indian music directors & singers left behind. a tribute that’s fresh & definitive. in the past, todh teri has brought this style of music to berlin’s well known night life like voll schoen & wilde renate. the act debuted a very special live set at wilde renate
Todh Teri
in stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.07.17
todh teri announces the launch of its debut release,with a limited vinyl only edition. todh teri is the revival of the golden era in indian cinema. its the resurgence of indian disco, funk & cabaret from the 70s , 80s & 90s. deep in india vol.1 goes back to its homegrown roots and gives us three classic gems. each edit retaining its original flavor & a little something more to take to the dance floor.todh teri polishes off each track with a signature groove if its own. ten seconds into an edit and you are deep in india! in the past, todh teri has brought this style of music to berlin’s clubs like rummelsbucht & wilde renate. the act is scheduled to showcase in july at sispyhos, berlin & set for a very special live debut at wilde renate, this august. in an interview with todh teri, red bull said - indian artists have been loath to touch anything bollywood and understandably so… step in todh teri who wants to connect the lost world of indian disco with western club sounds. teri understands that most indian artists are (or were) not sure about edits, because without proper execution, they can be easily clubbed as mainstream bollywood remixes.
Todh Teri
out of stock
10.69 EUR *
cd D Pre sale
golbal electronic dance music
Get Physical Music
14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.02.19
superb acid disco
Get Physical
in stock
11.95 EUR *
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