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12" Vinyl UK 09.03.18
ittara and tm shuffle (together with the remixers rasmus hedlund and shuffless) bring you a varied 4-tracker of dub-flavoured techno. anthem alert!
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12" Vinyl D 18.12.17
after chris carrier’s amazing >addicting game< ep mouche returns with another strong ep. the second release of the label brings a varied ep full of bouncy, driving deep techno freshly cooked by finnish native tm shuffle. while document4 on a1 is a driving deep excursion into snowy landscapes of middle finland, the powerful chord-driven weapon drumman dub on a2 brings a lot of groove to all the dancefloors out there. the b-side takes a more relaxed stance: alone in dub (b1) - created with longtime-friend lauri leino – combines icy soundscapes with a deep dub bass. that mixture heats up things slowly and steadily. ruutana by night (b2) rounds up the package with moody, chilling beats and echoes floating around.
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slamming dubtechno -- stardub vol.8
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12" Vinyl D 08.01.16
the original tracks are typical jussi-pekka sounds: deep and floating, funky and minimal yet melodic. and as jussi would say: i take my tongue-in-cheek s extremely seriously!-
Paper Jet Recordings
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12" Vinyl D 11.09.18
amazing hypnotic grooving new vuo records release! vuo005 brings you moody techno from the minds of shuffless and marco cassanelli, music to bend your mind and shake your hips to. a1 is shuffless enigmatic red dwarf, an acidic deep journey into outer frontiers of space. on a2, tm shuffle lets red dwarf fly further into dubby world of delays. b1 is marco cassanellis neverending (you wish) heavy wall of sound by the name echo machines. b2 is emulator, perfect driving dub for the morning hours.
Vuo Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.12.16
making a return to the scene after an extended hiatus is vuo records, who mark their reemergence with a no nonsense four tracker from newcomer shuffless.
the a1 launches with * gotta go*, a deep-rooted house track carried along by a dreamy synth and some proper retro feels. phonogenic jumps onboard with a deep and driving remix of * gotta go* on the a2. a real lights down moment.
* yössä* kicks off the b side, a mood focused jam that twists and turns between house and techno. the ep closes with another remix of * gotta go*, this time from tm shuffle. its a subtle but hypnotic tribal affair.
Vuo Records
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 14.02.14
bevor sich in jamaika eine plattenindustrie entwickelte, tanzten die musikfans in den 40er und 50er jahren hauptsaechlich zu rohem shuffle blues, der aus den usa importiert wurde. diese compilation enthaelt einflussreiche songs der damaligen soundsysteme jamaikas. viele dieser songs wurden spaeter von pionieren wie laurel aitken, derrick morgan, the skatalites, ken boothe, john holt und u roy gecovert. die 2x12 lp enthaelt 28 highlights ausgewaehlt von der 85 song starken 3cd auf fantastic voyage.
Fantastic Voyage
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2xcd D Pre sale
deluxe 2 cd digipack! silver hotfoil outer and embossed print! to this day, sven väth represents the electronic music scene like no other dj. in the nineties he was mentor and shaman, operating from frankfurt/ germany introducing us to the world of electronic music. after this crazy, extroverted years väth created the cocoon family as a global platform for his and his colleagues activities. väth has always been for the scene baba, which means dad in hessian dialect. today he is the baba for a new generation of djs: music is not about strategizing new release information your niche potential. it does not matter if a tune is approved by the opinion makers. it’s about what you feel personally and what you can create with the music in your work as a dj. to this day, väth manages to play tracks that you wouldnt expect and puts them in a context you would not expect either. like no one else he succeeds in arranging the entire electronic music cosmos
Nightmare on Wax - Deep Shadows (Dj E.A.S.E Club Mix )
Love Over Entropy – 9576
Adam Port - Do You Still Think of Me?
Emanuel Satie - Dont Forget To Go Home
Florian Hollerith - Ohrenzirkus
Talaboman - Brutal Chugga Chugga (L.B. Dub Corp Remix)
Levon Vincent - Arpeggiator
Vermont - Skorbut (I:Cube Mix)
Edward - Set U Free (Private Mix)
L.B. Dub Corp - See The Light
DJ Shufflemaster & Chester Beatty - Our House Music (DJ Shufflemaster Remix)
Patrice Baeumel - Serpent
Red Axes – Sami
Nicolas Masseyeff - Muse
Tom Pooks & Joy Kitikonti - Climb
Butch - Countach
Fabrice Lig - Dark Commodore
Robag Wruhme - Veddel Braav
Stimming - Frankfurt Main
Ejeca - Attack
Radio Slave – Reverse (DJ KOZE Edit)
Ilario Alicante – Cocoon
Anna - Hidden Beauties
Michael Mayer - Lout
Younger Rebinds - Tims Symphony
Krystal Klear - Neutron
15.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 25.05.18
real name takeshi fukushima, takecha has been a key figure within japan’s electronic music scene for decades and belongs to the same pioneering crew as soichi terada and shinichiro yokota. now in his mid- fifties, ‘deep soundscapes’ is an album encompassing fukushima’s sound with every track written by the producer between 1990 and 2013. intricate percussion and crystalline chords set the tone in ‘deep drive’ before a funky bassline joins serene synths in ‘midnight things’. appearing in soichi terada’s mix for resident advisor (under its promo title ‘deep loop c’), ‘gradual atmosphere’ is comprised of a galloping beat and saccharine chimes, ‘factory 141’ sees takecha demonstrate a murkier aesthetic, whilst ‘rhodes detox’ is a definitive example of takecha’s flair for expertly balancing elements within his productions. an homage to shufflepuck cafe&#769,,, an old mac plus video game takecha would play on a black and white 9- inch monitor back in the day, ‘shufflepuck’ blends ghostly melodies with clicks, whirrs and pops. ‘calm imagination’ is a poignant affair from start to finish with its hypnotising atmosphere, contrasting to the more up-tempo ‘warm rondo’ with its soulful keys and purring low-end. tying it all together, ‘genuine innocence’ is a cut that takecha made two versions of, one with a solo from a pianist and another with more emphasis on the beat, the latter of which appears on this album.-
Love Potion
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21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 05.05.17
vuo003 presents 4 artists from tampere city. the a side delivers some deep nocturnal house from shuffless with teisko nights and alone in detroit from lauri leino. the b side brings together blissful techno and deep house in the shape of lost in kemi from kalle-m and kuivaamo dub from tm shuffle.
Vuo Records
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11.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp + 7" Vinyl UK 26.10.16
essential repress of terrence dixon’s debut album and first release on tresor.
initially released in 2000, this new edition comes with a bonus 7” vinyl featuring two previously uncut tracks: “ what up” and “shuffle all circuits”.
from the far future embodies a specific and vital time of detroit‘s techno production, going hand in hand with juan atkins’ work as infiniti, terrence dixon signed this album with a masterful hand.
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21.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.05.16
four multi-purpose, innovative tracks from the assemble music family. mike shannon takes the pace right down on pimp limp to stunning effect, weaving together tweaked pads and a deep, tripping bass with the tightest of drum sounds, developing an irresistible, effortless groove. aloe varu (aka dan andrei) takes the shuffle up a notch on shifty, evoking classic herbert with cut-up jazz samples and bumping, stop-start percussion. nicola kazimir nods to another master, jan jelinek aka farben, on reductive ford, channeling the latters contemplative, intricate and emotive programming. finally voigtmanns muff shuffler does, well, exactly that, shuffling along with a minimal vibe enhanced with fine atmospherics.
Assemble Music
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12" Vinyl D 30.07.09
fresh pop like electro disco burner with a touch of french house 1998!! fits perfect in summer 2009...
Bang Gang
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12" Vinyl UK 26.06.09
mindtravel recordings is back with a solid 4 tracks ep from label owner fabio bacchini featuring remixes from frankie j (former the sound republic) and tommy >the dutch master< largo. this release will again please all lovers of the timeless disco-funk sound mixed withjackin beats. dj support bryan jones, inland knights, jason hodges, raoul belmas, massimo dacosta, nate laurence..
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7.59 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl BE 24.05.07
the most defining tracks from the legendary superradio family on a double lp. this will be a delightfull treat for every italo disco lover !!
Radius Records
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18.99 EUR *
cd D 01.06.15
all titles have been edited and overdubbed and therefore differ from their original versions. track 1, previously unreleased. overdubs and mix by material object. overdubs, editing and mastering by atom tm. no., founded in 2014 by atom tm & material object, are celebrating their first year of existence with no. i
Atom TM - No. I
Atom TM & Jacek Sienkiewicz - Zero Time Collapsing
Raw-C - Ego Split II
No. Inc. - Early Reflections (Part II)
Jacek Sienkiewicz - Berceuse
Steve Law - Ascension Engine
Sagittarius A - Omega Point (Delta Shuffle Remix)
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15.99 EUR *
2xcd UK 05.06.12
paper cuts vol.1 perfectly captures that signature sound through the diverse yet cohesive sounds of its stellar artist line up. as you go through this fantastically diverse collection, theres nothing formulaic to be found, yet each and every track shares an attitude, an approach to music making that links the artists through a shared musical genealogy. from the scandinavian future funk of proviant audio to the delectable disco of flash atkins or the organic house sounds of daco there is a rich depth to the recordings on offer here that is a testament both the quality of the producers involved and the musical nouse of papers label team. alongside label favorites such as the aforementioned proviant audio, flash atkins & daco are relative new additions to the family such as the treatment and sleazy mcqueen
Paper Recordings
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17.99 EUR *
2x cd UK 30.12.11
a new generation of dutch producers are taking house music by storm, so for azuli there was no question who should mix the label’s amsterdam edition. step forward remix master franky rizardo and dj/production duo roul and doors: two of the netherlands brightest young talents. spanning the two discs are the cuts you can expect to hear at 2011s amsterdam dance event. with a myriad of flavours represented by the artists unique inspirations, this selection draws on fresh material to encapsulate the current sound emanating from the new capital of house music.
Azuli Records
out of stock
13.99 EUR *
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