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12" 22.07.16
charmin records announce their 5th release, a split ep coming from label boss florist and close friend/collaborator tilman. from their base in east germany, charmin have been slowly but surely putting together an impressive catalogue of releases and this next offering keeps up this trend with aplomb. the ep shows that, while remaining deeply rooted in house, charmin can bring many different colours and sounds to the table.
Charmin 05
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12" 24.09.15
charmin records return with their new various ep. prahmize is a deep groovin track with sublime melodic elements from tommy vicari jnr. want by quitter brings an atmospheric sunshine infused feel. night light from tilman & florian is a 90 &#769,s rave inspired deep and hypnotic groover! lastly, florians when your going finishes off the ep in fine form, showcasing his take on house music. heavy support on this release and only 150 copies makes this a sure fire winner for any record box.
Charmin 04
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