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12" 11.03.14
bergwacht records shows up with its third release trends ep. for this project, the young imprint invite someone who is a real good producer for the worldwide techno scene and part of the cologne underground family as well: till krueger, who started his career 2010 with the well-known and featured wrong shirt ep on 200 recordsand is an important exclusive part of wir networks international artist rosterby now. he currently gets attention for his motor city ep and full support ep. as you see, bergwachts family story goes on.
BergWacht Records
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7.03 EUR *
12" 01.10.12
more than a year after its release, we have the privilege to experience again a masterpiece reworked by two members of treibstoff, marcel janovsky, and till krueger. janovsky, sticking to his roots, delivers a minimal techno version with just enough of the original that creates a suspenseful groove that will leave the floor in a frenzy.
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6.30 EUR *
12" 31.10.11
till krügers 3rd release on 200 records is another big step forward. it contains two great tracks in his distinctive personal style. > deciduous< is an epic masterpiece for dreaming and dancing. > galaxy 909< is a dynamic and majestic dance floor track par excellence
200 017
200 Records
out of stock
6.87 EUR *
2x12" 18.01.11
double vinyl pack from 200 records with 2 releases by till krueger, >wrong shirt ep< (#007) and >the green / last track< (#012). code for digital download of all tracks and 200-stickers included. comes in clear plastic bag.
200 bundle 003
200 Records
out of stock
12.28 EUR *
12" 17.01.11
the second release of till krüger contains two epic tracks. >the green< a classic dance floor track in the tradition of detroit techno yet fresh in the unique till krüger style. >last track< is composed as a typical last track on the floor - moody, melancholic and very long. cocoon recordings licensed till krügers first ep >wrong shirt< for sven väths compilation >sound of the eleventh season<, released in november 2010. we are excited to see, what will happen to his new tracks!
200 012
200 Records
out of stock
6.87 EUR *
12" 15.03.12
first available only on !!
der turnbeutel delivers its second release this year, as the protagonist of this release does. this time the turnbeutel will be filled by no less than one of germanys most famous djs: alle farben. having played almost every stage in germany he feels that 2012 has to bring some own stuff, too. the two tracks >roundabout< and >blue jester< feature his typical approach to music and will definitely delight every jester on the dancefloor, whether its round or round about quadrat. to complete the 4 track ep, our oliver schories put his >alle schwofen< (everybodys dancin) remix of >roundabout< on the vinyl and till krüger of (200 records) contributes a >alle ausziehen< (everbody strip to the buff!) remix of blue jester.
Der Turnbeutel
out of stock
6.05 EUR *
12" 14.02.11
wir freuen uns das neue jahr mit ihm beginnen zu können. nach seiner sagenhaften single coconut blues istgabriel ananda zurück auf treibstoff! der titeltrack love attack hat die für ananda typisch erdigen grooves. streicher bereiten den weg zu einer organisch anmutenden bassline und nehmen uns mit auf einen emotionalen glückstrip. open up ist ein sehr trickreiches stück techno und entwickelt einen unfassbaren sog, der den raum zu einem vakuum werden lässt. für den remix von open up hat sich treibstoff den stuttgarter till krüger beim befreundeten label 200 records ausgeliehen. mit seiner version wählte er diesmal nicht seinen schnellen detroit-sound, sondern lässt die original-sounds in einem gewand erscheinen, daß mit seinen dubs an die legendären gas platten von wolfgang voigt erinnert.
Treibstoff 95
out of stock
6.22 EUR *
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