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12" 24.11.21
two lethal tracks from tigerhead, remixed by matrixxman.
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3x12" 21.06.18
for its tenth anniversary, killekill decided it is worth to resurrect the main label and bring it back in full effect with another compilation of tracks by our beloved family members, favorite artists and bestest friends. cat. number 020 was never released, and we thought, this celebratory occasion was perfect to fill that gap, so everything is cleared, and we can step into the next decade. we start off with a track by mmm, the legendary duo consisting of fiedel and errorsmith, known for pushing the boundaries with every of their very rare releases. this one is an extremely simple, but effective weapon to destroy all dancefloors with its slightly loutish appeal. neil landstrumm got together with brian rays and produced a bleeper hit with catchy vocals. we don t know who the lyrics refer to, but they definitely express a punky fuck-off attitude, which we are missing a lot nowadays.
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