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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: tifra
12" 16.06.22
tifra presents the plastic replicant ep
Duality Trax
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9.24 EUR *
12" NL 13.07.17
creme organization returns in july with four searing electro cuts from dutchman ekman. mixing up west coast electro with tougher, more textured techno styles in recent releases for berceuse heroique and bedouin record, this artist is as much about the past as the future and proves that across this new and impressive set of tracks. doomsday argument is not as dark as you would expect form the name: its a lithe and slippery electro affair with crisp snares and gurgling bass all topped off by a freaky top line. the great filter mixes up distorted bass with rippling glass synths and sounds both spooky and cosmic, then post singularity day picks up the pace with a quick and urgent drexcyian style that is restless, dynamic and busy. last of all antifragile is a wild acid workout with rocking beats and ripping 303s that twitch every nerve in your body.
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8.18 EUR *
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