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7" Vinyl US 01.06.17
another hot lo-fi edits 7inch featuring a deep abstract remix of a legendary jazz diva & then flip it for paris underground deep house by leandre. plus 22 bonus locked grooves featuring dan curtain, jordan fields & jivaro & many more! limited hand stamped white label with a collectable sexy photo.
Lo-Fi Edits
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10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 25.05.09
we like to introduce the first impact by tickles on ipoly. with >freirausch< he delivers a real mad-goer. marching machine sound for nothing but the peaktime. its followed by some very unique remixes by the ipoly heads. alec troniq transformed >neuralverschiebung< into a crazy and overdriven jumpin tune. the mentalic remix of >fallout< is a dark, straight ear-cleaning technomonster. enjoy while you can!
Ipoly Music
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12" Vinyl US 24.07.15
eine essentielle zusammenstellung mit songs aus der frühphase des produzenten lloyd james aka prince jammy aka king jammy. hier findet sich u.a. die erste single des jammys label mit dem titel zambia (jammy s & king tubby auf dem shank-i-sheck riddim von 1976), selassie on his white horse (john steele auf dem i love king selassie riddim von 1977), die beiden gesuchten 12inch maxisingle-versionen von black uhuru african love und bad girl (mit den deejays prince hammer, scorcher und nicodemus), der wunderbare tune -jah created the world (von hortense ellis) und exklusiv nur hier der 12inch mix von dennis browns the lord is my shepherd.
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11.95 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 10.01.14
repress in pink vinyl ... supported by: ricardo villalobos, dj hell, karotte, gabriel ananda, tocadisco, john acquaviva, oliver huntemann, umek, joel mull, pig & dan, italoboyz, dirt crew, disco boys, moguai, delon & dalcan and many many more. it doesnt happen every day, that a record is released, which can be found in the cases of the italo- and the dicso boys, of tocadisco and the dirt crew, of markus lange and pig & dan, but then again, butch does not release on a.f.u. limited every day. butchs follow-up to his smash-remix for silent breeds >sync in< on a.f.u. brought him on the radar of monika kruse, karotte and blackstrobe and has proven the foundation of this hype surrounding him through the quality of his >butch ep<. 3 tracks, >mushroom man<, >tickles< and >botanik< have found fans from all continents and genres, which is the result of clever and new arrangements, high sound quality and funny and innovative ideas. butch is coming! watch out
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9.29 EUR *
5x12" Vinyl D 27.12.11
incl micro001, micro002, micro007, mirco009 & micro010...
Microtonal rec
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15.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.12.11
the next release coming out of the roska camp is this smart vinyl-only followup to the roska allstars release. this second instalment brings more of the same versatile movements from some fantastic producers currently leading the way for upfront danceable material. main man roska signs up terror danjah to pull of a smart remix of his track >without it<. its somewhat of a guilty pleasure hearing both artists signature idents in one song, terror with his evil gremlin laugh and roska with his ubiquitous shout out! however its all about the arrangement here as terror reforms those original trumpet sounds and adds some heavy distorted bass. j:kenzo serves up >let it move< which is all out pure electro style with punchy drums and dirty synths, again lending to the surprising nature of this labels output. tickles completes the vinyl only package with >da growler<. drums are tougher than iron and bass harder than rock as tickles blends funky, dubstep and house into his own dance-floor destructive mould. all three records show a different side to the current uk bass and funky scene, yet they somehow could only belong on kicks & snares. a fine package for a burgeoning label.
Roska Kicks & Snares
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8.29 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 13.06.11
finnish experimental artist sasu ripatti, most often known as vladislav delay, has put together a new group called the vladislav delay quartet, with a self-titled debut album.
Honest Jons Records

also available as:
CD (EUR 13.79)
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17.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 07.12.09
we proudly presents sql from amsterdam with his vinyl debut ep. after hitting the scene hard with distorted reality which reached heavy support from richie hawtin and marco carola the boy delivers another primetime tune with a remix by tickles (ipoly music). the b-side is a much more progressive tech-house tune for fans of deadmau5 & co.
Microtonal Rec
Last Copy!
7.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 28.08.09
this new 12inch from domu is an essential taster of what is to come on his one offs, remixes and b sides double cd, out soon on tru thoughts. as well as the killer title track, the a side of the tasty springbreak 12inch also features the exclusive domu remix instrumental, from his remix of tickles by sun tzu sound - a highly anticipated nugget which has had forums buzzing with people who missed the limited pressing of the track first time round. on the flip you ll find a new mix down of the previously digital only domu release, something new, as well as the instrumental cut which is exclusive to this 12inch.
Tru Thoughts
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7.99 EUR *
cd UK 04.06.12
digital soundboy, das 2005 gegründete label von shy fx, einem der protagonisten des 90er jungle, zählt zu den besten labels der britschen bass music-szene mit konstant qualitativem output. nun hat sich shy fx mit seinen künstlern breakage und b.traits zum digital soundboy soundsystem zusammengetan und für fabric ein einzigartiges mix-album gezaubert: ganze 49 tracks werden in 72 minuten verbraten, darunter viele exklusive digital soundboy-dubs, die hier zum ersten mal das licht der welt erblicken, garniert mit perlen anderer top-labels wie tempa, metalheadz, 50 weapons, enchufada oder night slugs. eine hälfte dubstep, die andere hälfte drum & bass, beide mit einem tracklisting vom allerfeinsten - diese cd ist wieder ein schillerndes unikat in der traditionsreichen fabric-serie.
out of stock
13.59 EUR *
cd UK 15.06.11
finnish experimental artist sasu ripatti, most often known as vladislav delay, has put together a new group called the vladislav delay quartet, with a self-titled debut album.
Honest Jons Records

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 17.99)
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13.79 EUR *
2x cd UK 13.05.11
Balance Music
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