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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: thunder tillman
12" Vinyl UK 19.12.17
five hundred and seventy-three moons ago (give or take), thunder tillman and his personal shaman emerged from the esp institute with an epic debut ep of baked psychedelics entitled jaguar mirror. we now bare witness to the duo’s glorious follow-up as they initiate us into the night school of universal wisdom. these two cosmic jokers possess a vibrant and fearless sense of exploration that knows no boundaries, as if their dreams translate directly into song and their bodies exist merely to channel music they’ve tapped into from another world, one where influences are uncharted and any instrument imaginable is available at their fingertips. as with jaguar mirror, their grasp of all things analogue begins with guitar laying the slightly imperfect foundation for four harmonious narratives, a journey that begins with a fast paced gallop across vast landscapes in search of the incan god of thunder, catequil, and gently concludes with us lying horizontally to absorb sporadic beams of healing light. the discourse throughout night school of universal wisdom is as charming as it is exquisite, orienting the listener with a bouquet of warm tones whilst layering plies of musical dialogue so subtle they require repeated study. thunder tillman manage to weave the past into future without diverting to pastiche, successfully merging their characterized production with melodic mastery and a sense of humor, a creative achievement that accredits them as two of our most esteemed scholars.
ESP Institute
in stock
10.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 22.07.16
thunder tillman is a cosmic vagabond who travels through space and time accompanied by his personal shaman. together, as if having fallen to earth, their mission is to recreate the music of their estranged home, reuniting with their brothers and sisters through an exquisite form of storytelling. while western music may have degenerated over the past 65 years, troopers such as thunder tillman continue to drill down toward an elusive core, searching for something holy while never bastardizing their art with insincere advents of technology or convenience—as is apparent throughout their immaculate analogue production on this esp institute debut, jaguar mirror. comparisons to genres like krautrock are predictable, however we feel these four songs are so heavily narrative and wildly visceral that attempting to categorize the music would be a disservice to your imagination. we implore you to lay back in a nice stereo environment and absorb the purity of thunder tillmans endeavor—appreciate their command of melody, composition, spectrum, magic and try to recall the last time you chanced upon something truly different
ESP Institute
in stock
9.49 EUR *
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