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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: thomas fehlmann / terrence dixon
2x12" Vinyl UK 16.04.18
tresor records is proud to announce a new commission, bringing together two of its most time-honored contributors. berlin’s thomas fehlmann and detroit’s terrence dixon came together in detroit to produce this expressive album. an avant-premiere live performance of this album was presented at tresor’s annual detroit showcase in may 2017. composed of six titles and exploring a wide range of rhythms and emotions, “we take it from here” is a celebration of resilience, patience, creativity and devotion.
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3x12" Vinyl lp UK 28.03.17
when tresor founder dimitri hegemann stumbled into a former bank vault in east berlin on march 13th 1991, he had little idea that the space he had unlocked would fast become one of berlin s most influential and enduring techno clubs. “we didn’t know what would happen 10 months later,” he says. “we signed a lease for a year. which eventually got renewed for another three months, and another three months…”
as tresor celebrates its 25th anniversary with this work of artists from the us, germany, china, france, austria, italy and the uk, it is worth dwelling on how the cultural conditions that birthed detroit techno – economic neglect and broken industry – were mirrored by the disused bunkers and impromptu parties of post-unification east berlin, where techno found new, vigorous expression.
the triple vinyl release includes a download code.

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CD (EUR 14.95)
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