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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: the wizard brain cox & morsy
12" Vinyl UK 09.02.17
its an all us line-up as we welcome back to strictly the soulgasm main man brian coxx along with new production partner morsy for feel it, their stomping-piano tribute to classic house. new jersey man coxx is behind the memorable soulgasm sessions volumes 1 & 2 released on strictly at the end of the zeros/beginning of the tens, and hes currently celebrating ten years of throwing the infamous soulgasm sessions parties around new york city. bronx resident morsy has notched up a brace of releases with nervous and, as part of the developing coxx & morsy partnership, a trio of tracks on kenny summit s good for you imprint. formerly part of the itinerant nyc dj crew crooked disco, he s played festivals like coachella opening for the likes of moby and steve aoki and lately travelled to gigs in europe along with a neat sideline playing cruise ship events. you can find him playing his weekly residency mr purple on the rooftop of the hotel indigo on manhattan s lower east side.
Strictly Rhythm
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