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12" 03.02.14
apartment kickstarts 2014 with a various artists compilation focusing on irish talent from all across the isle. following on from their collaboration as bande apartment in 2013, tr one and new jackson once again appear together on apartment. this time around new jackson remixes tr ones bruising techno beast >viceroy-9c< (the original of which appeared on the last apartment release, a split 12 with phantom planet outlaws), turning it into an emotive, acid-laced breakbeat gem. house duo slowburn, coming off a year that included appearances on lunar disko, appian sounds and grounded in humanity deliver the off-kilter and immersive >riders of the sea<. hints of the work of artists such as drexciya and kassem mosse are combined with their own unique stylings to create an intoxicating, tripped out journey to the deepest recesses of the dancefloor.the cyclist garnered huge praise last year with his >bones in motion< lp on leaving records/stones throw and apartment is excited to deliver his first original material since then. his individual brand of over-driven electronics – >tape throb< – combines distortion with the most delicate of inflections and >crax< surmises this approach perfectly, an uncommonly euphoric slice of wounded electronica. last but by no means least is the superior inferior. after his debut release on belfast’s one electronica label went so far as to be licensed by sven vath to his sound of the 14th season compilation, he returns with the throbbing, rapturous >a bit much confusion<. wave and electro influences carry this bass heavy number towards it’s crescendo of skyscraping synths and skewered monopoly madness.
Apartment Records
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12" UK 06.05.13
brill raw analog acidic techno, incl john heckle mixes
One Electronica
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2xcd 18.11.13
for fourteen years the island ibiza has been haunted by cocoons high-spirited tribe. in 2013, cocoon turned the beloved amnesia into a tropical jungle. the jungle seduces with lush colors and intriguing sounds. without hesitation you dive into lush greens, amazed by heat and beauty
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