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12" BE 09.06.21
earth time quantum redemption
in stock
9.49 EUR *
12" US 27.01.06
back in stock !! a little bit athmospheric driven techno !!
out of stock
8.08 EUR *
2x12" UK 10.10.19
electronic creativity from georgia on double vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
CES Records
in stock
24.36 EUR *
coloured 12" 14.05.18
aufgenommen von tim wheeler (ash) in dessen atomic heart studios in nyc und erneut produziert von max hart (ex-katy perry), kehrt das duo mit einem so herrlich ausladenden wie konzisen pop-monster zurück. megaplex besteht aus 10 melodiösen, zartschmelzenden nuggets, die einen schlicht blenden in ihrem hellen glanz. our brilliant work in pop song writing is unsurpassed, fasst keith noch einmal zusammen. ja, leute! we are scientists sind so was von zurück!
Last Copy!
18.51 EUR *
10" NL 09.05.17
highly limited lathe cut on 10inch of two of drvg cvltvre s most played acid tracks. side a features the straight forward acid banger the sword or the key, the b side features a more experimental acid cut with the cure and augustus pablo samples...
New York Haunted
out of stock
22.22 EUR *
12" UK 18.07.16
first appearing as a free download via the deep web and now finally released on vinyl, ‘capsule’s pride’ is the ep from the lauded up and coming berlin-based canadian producer bwana, reimagining and paying homage to katsuhiro otomo’s iconic 1988 anime masterpiece, akira. with all sonic elements sourced from the original film’s ost - created by musical collective gein&#333, yamashirogumi (&#33464,&#33021,&#23665,&#22478,&#32068,) famed for their synergy of traditional japanese folk music and roland d-50 and yamaha dx7-ii digital synthesizers - bwana conjures a hallucinogenic and twisted journey through neo-tokyo.
No Label
out of stock
19.49 EUR *
12" lp + mp3 UK 10.09.13
beeinflusst von 80er jahre soundtracks, krautrock, alten hip hop-platten und dance-musik der vergangenen jahrzehnte, lieferte tythe bereits mehrere remixe für acts wie james mcarthur, crystal fighters und david lynch - und so ist and also with you eine ambient platte, die sich musikalisch vor den großen namen a la boards of canada, biosphere oder global communication nicht verstecken braucht.
heavyweight 12 inch lp mit mp3-download dode.
Sunday Best
in stock
18.51 EUR *
12" 20.02.12
this is electronic funk at its best starting out with detroit in effect mix of a annihilating the rythym. this is a true gift for all electro fans you. get the two funkiest groups in detroit giving up nothing but the funk with the remix of annihilating the rythym and the original by aux 88. side 2 mr velcro fastener taking aux 88s vision on the track interstellar fligh theme to a more celestial electro style. track 2 b side has yet another aux 88 croatian brother dj xed re programming control panels in another steam punk electro inspired robot world….don t miss these aux 88 masterpieces reworked by the hottest producers around.
out of stock
8.76 EUR *
12" UK 10.08.16
nice price deal !!! from the beginning, oktored has tried to keep himself away from the pigeonholing nature of the electronic dance scene. seamlessly blending early rave sounds with futuristic beats and melodies, he has really been coming into his own lately. from a young age, he has been into a multitude of different genres of music ranging from ambient to death metal. the next two releases will show just that. the first of which will be the more passive side of oktored.gemini 1 (or the good side) really brings together a feeling of old detroit style techno/house with some new moombahton flavour. the fact that he has been motivated by so many different styles and sounds becomes very apparent on tracks like relax and inéz, while he brings some real deep, future bass styling on the drifter. for fans of future sounds of 8 mile, this release will be a fantastic follow up ep. but that is only one side of our gemini friend. the follow up release, gemini 2 will showcase his darker, more aggressive side. delving into rough, uninhibited bass and beat tracks, oktored will begin to show just how deep his production can go
Yo Sucka!
out of stock
4.83 EUR *
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