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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: the people in fog
12" Vinyl NL 13.07.17
the people in fog are back on sov! as smooth sky blue colour cat can represent, this ep has a smoother beat than the artists usual style. if you remember their previous ep with a darker colour, now the punching kick and identical house bass are gone and this ep is true showing off the producer s ability as a musician who can adapt to any kind of diversity. the first track last song has deep bass and atmospheric sounds, like a typical romanian loop, but after the long trippy beat when the piano sounds kick in, the atmosphere changes and brings back the emotion. the second track get funky is also truly hybrid version of house, while the combination of funky vocals and the endless hi-hat and shaker keep the groove tight and the deep down pad sounds mixed smoothly with the forest of beat make for a truly a unique character. the last track alright is a very joyful one, even though it uses a typical funky house vocal sample. its unique way of playing percussion and vocal keep the groove totally all-right
Sound Of Vast
in stock
8.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 09.09.16
finally, sound of vasts first release in 2016. good news for many people as it the initial release of highe- sold way too fast. there s been some a huge deman for us to bring it back so we decided to repress it again, this time with a twist. soichi terada remix!
Sound Of Vast
Last Copy!
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 07.10.14
after great success of 2 previous releases, sound of vast is now about to hit 3rd release. the producer of this deep monster is one of the most respectful japanese artist, and wombs resident dj the people in fog (aka dj sodeyama).
Sound Of Vast
in stock
8.59 EUR *

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