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7" Vinyl US 07.10.19
two olympians tracks from 2008/09 back-to-back on 7 inch.
Daptone Records
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 22.11.16
after repeatedly being visited by a strange messenger in his dreams while on tour in the islands of greece, toby pazner became consumed with a vision to tell the stories of theolympians through music. chosen by the gods as a messenger for not only his musical gifts, but for his unique position at the center of the daptone family, toby built a home studio from scratch and employed some of the top soul musicians in the world to help him breath life into this album. the result is a dramatic and cinematic journey to the outer limits of instrumental soul music, built on a foundation laid by the same craftsmen who’s bricks built the legacies of sharon jones, lee fields, charles bradley, the budos band, and menahan street band, and painted with lush strings, harpsichord, harp and horns. the olympians is destined to be the instrumental gem of the year.
the vinyl lp includes a download code.
Daptone Records
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17.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 23.02.09
toby pazner, long time keyboard/vibe player on many t&s releases, has come into his own and delivered a sweet little 45 under the band name, the olympians. the 45 represents pazners musical aesthetic and features el michels on horns and other members of the ny funk elite. with a mixture of soulful sounds reminiscent of isaac hayes, mickey and the soul generation, and curtis mayfield, the olympians are well suited for a lazy sunday, a trip to the beach or any pensive moment. recorded in his bedroom on a tascam 388, the olympians give us that gritty yet sweet sound that can only from ny. pazner has been hard at work cranking out a plethora of goodness and this is just a taste of what is coming from the olympians. the a side how can i love (now that your gone) is a meditative piece full of soulful vibes, piano, and wistful horns, that are reminiscent of the feelings any lover gets after heart break. side b entitled stand tall features michels on flute and leonhart on trumpet backed by a hard hitting beat and tough guitars.
Truth & Soul
out of stock
6.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp US 29.01.15
truth & soul präsentieren den vierten teil der -fallin off the reel--reihe. 22 songs sind auf der cd enthalten, mit tracks von lee fields & expressions, lady, liam bailey, bacao rhythm & steel band und vielen anderen. nach 70 singles auf dem label ist diese zusammenstellung eine großartige einführung in den truth & soul katalog sowie ein großes hörvergnügen für alle fans des labels. die vinylversion ist eine kombination aus vol.3 & 4 und enthält 26 titel auf vier seiten mit songs von lee fields & ausdrücke, dame, liam bailey, el michels affair, luft, bacao rhythm & steel band, the olympians und vielen mehr.
Truth & Soul
A1: Lee Fields & The Expressions - Youre The Kind Of Girl
A2: Liam Bailey - Please Love Me
A3: The Olympians - The Rain Song
A4: Lady - Money
A5: Bacao Rhythm & Steel Band - PIMP
A6: Qunestine Strong - One Hundred Years From Now
B1: Beau Wi
out of stock
17.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 01.08.11
new signing to the mathematics label, san laurentino brings this ep after his great release on the electric minds imprint. >magnetic steps< is a slow electronic journey while the title track flies farther into space. >the olympians< and >lazy angels< on the flip continue the cosmic feel. nice
out of stock
9.19 EUR *
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