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12" Vinyl UK 19.09.17
wow. now we re talking. all time classic material right here from the strictly archives. the legendary man of many hats armand van helden dropped this almighty. hypnotic slab of deepness under his mole people guise in the mists of 1995. a total deep house classic indeed. dreamy. driving. dubby. hypnotic. narcotic - it has it all. super long tracks. for the dj s to work and for the dancers to get fully lost in. break night is colossal. this one will literally transport the dance-floor to another dimension. guaranteed. sounding as fresh and as relevant as ever. timeless. ocean on the flip steps up the toughness factor with some super hard. swingin nyc drumz. but it still has that otherworldly edge that the a-side drenched us in previously. a near perfect record here. made available again. undoubtedly this will win a new legion of fans it s that good! this one s a tasty 2017 reissue and remaster. featuring both cuts. unedited. as per the original release way back when. essential stuff here. do not sleep.
Strictly Rhythm

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Vinyl (EUR 8.99)
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12" Vinyl D 11.05.10
wow. this shit is hot!! original released on strictly rhythm us. rocks our floors since years…. two sided but we have only one word : monster . the mole people also known as armand van helden
Decks Classix

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 10.49)
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8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.04.13
so here s the second maybe tomorrow me and jon are pretty happy about this the theme s the same. all about sharing seeing as the music will do a better job of explaining itself than i will. i ll let it do the talking and i hope you enjoy this as much as we do.
MT 002
Maybe Tomorrow
Last Copy!
7.79 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 06.04.06
this is the first sombre dreadful picture which 24- year-old artist lászló fogarasi produces at the beginning of his album which is immediately a small resignation from his own musical past. the film noire has retired. the second album rises more and more into something absolutely unexpected..... having exchanged the forests of somogy county for the budapest. his new record >splendid isolation< is more mature and more urban than the amazing first album >shallow and profound<
Mole Listening Pearls
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14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp US 13.05.16
a few years back 14kt gave out a free downloadable project called “14killatape”. fast forward to the present. and street corner music now presents a darker. retooled version... “14killatape: redux” brings you 5 tracks from the original incarnation. along with 7 brand new grimy treats now on vinyl!
Street Corner Music
in stock
23.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl UK 05.07.07
kenny dope gonzales and lil louie vega made their production debut on the new york label way back when. so there can be no one more fitting to compile the first new album release on the imprint. in case you didnt know. strictly rhythm were one of the most important house labels of the 1990s. established by entrepreneur mark finkelstein and serious club babe gladys pizzarro. the label would launch the careers of. among others. roger sanchez. erick morillo and. as we ve seen. masters at work. pretty significant. then! strictly maw is an album no true househead will want to miss
Strictly Rhythm
Last Copy!
17.99 EUR *
cd D 02.07.12
auf dem panorama bar 04 mix nutzt nick seine erfahrung und sein geschick. um uns sein musikverständnis zu vermitteln. in seiner auswahl an tracks finden sich viele titel. die ihn zum teil über jahre wiederholt auf seinen reisen begleitet haben und wichtige elemente seiner monatlichen sets in der panorama bar sind. wer seine sets live erlebt hat. mag den einen oder anderen track hier wiedererkennen. nick schafft es die erwartungen an ihn zu erfüllen und den kern seiner arbeit in nur 75 minuten zusammenzufassen. das resultat ist eine reise durch die vielen verschiedenen schattierungen von house. vereint durch nicks aufgeschlossene herangehensweise. die immer versucht. underground quality mit innovativem sound zu kombinieren
Ostgut Ton CD 21
out of stock
14.89 EUR *
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