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12" Vinyl UK 17.04.18
jonah sharp & dj spun pair up as the loose control band to drop a punk-inspired single on rekids with remixes from label founder radio slave and shut boss ryan james ford. having released a large body of work as spacetime continuum (astralwerks) or alongside david moufang as reagenz (workshop), not to mention significant collaborations with the likes of terence mckenna, haruomi hosono and bill laswell, jonah sharp is unquestionably a highly respected producer. his seminal label reflective played an important role in the experimental ambient and techno scene during the 90s, whilst as a remixer hes worked with music by nine inch nails, meat beat manifesto and matthew herbert. meanwhile, jason drummond has long been a commanding force within new yorks electronic music scene, such as running his prestigious warm up music series or his all night rong parties with regulars like dj harvey. hes also been djing and producing as dj spun for two decades, appearing on golf channel recordings as well as his own illustrious imprint rong music, which used to release music collaboratively with dfa. i dont understand sees a raw and uncompromising side to both artists as they layer a cacophony of murky bass, twisted melodies and mind-bending bleeps whilst drummonds turbulent vocals bellow throughout the mix. staying faithful to the original, radio slaves remix incorporates a heady rhythm with its rolling beat as screeching effects join a moody bassline. moving into techno territory, ryan james fords akihabara remix features rattling percussion and crystalline synths whilst his hope remix is built on an intricate drum sequence as soaring pads and echoing keys contrast with the originals piercing vocal.
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12" Vinyl UK 20.07.15
san franciscos very own pagan anarchist acid rave sons dj spun and jonah sharp team up with skate punk legend ray stevens ii and liquid liquid / fist of facts sal principato for their sophomore release on golf channel. a short sharp shot to the head, its hot is a fast & vibrant piece that evokes bygone, punk, no wave, genreless days - and at a fair clip at that. the bonus beats strip it down to the skeletal for some voodoo business while the columbus hotel mix is a version that sounds like nothing else you will hear this year. industrial techno tribal goth dub vibes for 2075 and beyond!
Golf Channel
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12" Vinyl US 04.03.15
acido ahora is a multidisciplinary open format creative outlet with a special interest in acid house and revolution. unrepentant hedonists creating a tear in the fabric of reality. acido ahoras first specially packaged, limited edition vinyl release comes from jonah sharp (spacetime continuum) and dj spuns (rong music) new project, the loose control band. recorded live on the occasion of the bands first show at the first acido ahora party at cloud 9 in berkeley, california.
Acido Ahora
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12" Vinyl UK 16.10.14
the loose control band are dj spun and jonah sharp. if you know, you know. if you dont - google that shit! first in a string of killer releases on golf channel, singlehandedly spearheading the breakbeat revival while simultaneously tunnelling deep into the underground for a sublime a side house cut golf channel every time!
Golf Channel
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2x12" Vinyl lp UK 04.12.15
die erste compilation des gleichnamigen italienischen restaurants samt partyreihe in der nyc lower east side, nachdem in zusammenarbeit mit dem label golf channel bereits drei edit-12 incheses erschienen. mit nagelneuen tracks von totes preesh (zwei mitglieder der phenomenal handclap band), dedication (felix dickinson) und nick chacona. das doppel-vinyl erscheint im klappcover inklusive downloadcode.
Golf Channel
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12" Vinyl lp UK 12.11.14
an idea whos time has clearly come, moon rock volume 1 struck a nerve upon release last spring. a collection of deeply atmospheric ambience, cosmic, and chillout techno, it was the opening salvo in a much longer-term effort by nyc-based throne of blood recordings to establish a platform for a diverse collection of friends and musical fellow travellers to explore composing music for folding time and exploring innerspace. now, just months after vol. 1 hit shelves, moon rock volume 2 is upon us
Throne Of Blood
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cd UK 04.12.15
die erste compilation des gleichnamigen italienischen restaurants samt partyreihe in der nyc lower east side, nachdem in zusammenarbeit mit dem label golf channel bereits drei edit 12inches erschienen. mit nagelneuen tracks von totes preesh (zwei mitglieder der phenomenal handclap band), dedication (felix dickinson) und nick chacona. die cd kommt im mix von tony humphries.
Golf Channel
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