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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: the har-you percussion group
12" Vinyl lp US 10.05.19
repress of classic cubop title, comes with download code included.
Last Copy!
22.99 EUR *
SOUL OF A NATION 2 (1969 - 1975 (180G 3LP + MP3)
3x12" Vinyl D 28.11.18
second part of the soundtrack to accompany the “soul of a nation: art in the the age of black power” exhibition, entitled “jazz is the teacher, funk is the preacher”. pressing on triple 180 gram vinyl with download code included.
Soul Jazz
Last Copy!
32.49 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl 180 g vinyl BE 08.03.13
unreleased track by andy votel aka tandy love, mr scruff, har you percussion group, jo ann henderson, raskal the supersoniccruiser, mixmonster menno, 44rave & stuff. the future meets the past, in every vinyl bag!
White Cat
in stock
23.99 EUR *
cd D 20.11.08
another long-awaited batch of jazzman 45s makes it onto cd … here at jazzman we are all about rescuing esoteric, forgotten and obscure auditory delights from yesteryear, and we unleash them onto a world thats starved for a musical alternative to popular dross. so many millions of songs, some good and many bad, have been recorded these past 50 years, yet so many of the amazing ones have slipped through the net, never to be heard of again
Jazzman Records/ JmanCD024
out of stock
18.99 EUR *

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