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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: the golden filter
12" Vinyl D 29.11.19
out of stock
9.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 19.07.19
latest album from the golden filter
out of stock
16.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 18.01.19
strong 80s influcenced techno
Agnes - 4GN3S
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 23.11.18
80s infected dancefloor smasher
out of stock
10.29 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 12.01.18
optimo music don’t generally do limited edition releases but when the golden filter did these extra mixes of “end of times”, the a1 track off their recent ep we thought they were too good to remain in the digital domain so have pressed up a small run of 12” singles aimed specifically at djs. the original single version is a future synth classic. these new dub versions take it to the dancefloor and have been tried and tested around the world over the last few months. they are considerably extended, dubbed out and add extra dynamics & ecstatic synth power with hints of the original vocal. there is a slo mo version at 103 bpm and a faster version at 118bpm which means the track should work any time from warm up to peak set. there is also a drone-apella version included too.
Optimo Music
out of stock
9.69 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 10.11.17
optimo music is delighted to continue its fruitful relationship with the golden filter with the release of this fantastic 4-track 12inch ep.
OM 40
Optimo Music
out of stock
10.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 04.10.17
london based club night and newly formed label snap crackle & pop s third releases comes in the form of a dark take on new wave influenced techno from berlin based new yorker curses. side a kicks off with a hypnotic techno stomper another view which playfully tips its hat to early electro albeit through a visor of coldwave inspired guitars. together in the dark delves into even darker territores with ice cold organs reaching for the light through the grinding ambient yet groovy undertones. on the b-side inga mauer ramps up the dancefloor tension with her machine like acid rework pulsating and crashing urgently together in the dark, whilst the golden filter turn out a low slung trip of brooding synths and haunting vocals before cascading down the rabbit hole in a swell of industrial motorik beats and percussive explosions in their take on another view
SC&P 003
Snap Crackle & Pop
out of stock
10.79 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 24.02.17
optimo music are delighted to present the second full-length from the golden filter, still / alone. after relocating to london and playing shows around europe for a year and a half, self-imposed pariahs penelope trappes and stephen hindman delved into creating a two-sided existential opus by renting out old studio spaces around the uk and using mostly analog 80 s instruments, machines and effects. an album about being in love with pure solitude, when still // alone is separated into two distinct sides, record one, still, is a hypnotic meditation for the nightclub. wavy patterns of sound and light bounce off of penelope’s literary vocal bursts, layered over the ominous deep synths and arpeggiators, held together only by a strict 4/4 beat. the rhythm, ironically forcing the body to move, however internally focused and mindful, still. record two, alone, takes the club offline and into the fringes of raw, odd pop.
OM LP 07
Optimo Music
Last Copy!
18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 02.10.15
the first split ep on optimo trax!
OT 017
Optimo Trax
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
PS1103 EP
12" Vinyl D 25.09.15
music for nightclubs and far beyond
OM 29
Optimo Music
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 07.12.09
following the success of solid gold, we re incredibly excited to announce thunderbird, the new single by one of our favourite bands in world, the golden filter. thunderbird is a light, muscular and wild disco song, and it basically sums up everything we love about pop music.
Dummy Records
out of stock
7.39 EUR *
cd dvd UK 16.12.11
syndromes is the sophomore album from new york electronica duo the golden filter. it is the follow-up to debut voluspa from the the group - consisting of penelope trappes (vocals) and stephen hindman (synthesizers) - who list the likes of st etienne and pink floyd as influences. the bonus dvd is a movie -syndromes-.
Pefectly Isolated
Last Copy!
11.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 25.11.19
inc. moscoman remix
Throne of Blood
in stock
12.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.06.18
who do you go to for your very first session when you have just been gifted your very own top-flight ‘stradivarius of synth based studios’? enter ‘the grid’ ... mr david ball: one man band of pioneering electro-pop distorters soft cell, part time psychic tv personality, film soundtrack composer and all round synth afficionado & richard norris: eclectic beat-meister & ambient dj, record producer, commited psychedelicist from ‘beyond the wizard’s sleeve’.
Moog Sound Lab
Last Copy!
19.99 EUR *
1986 (LP + MP3)
12" Vinyl D 16.05.18
ori alboher, a.k.a. ori, a berlin based singer/songwriter and producer from jerusalem releases his second solo album “1986”. after his move to berlin, influenced by the city’s abundance of scenes and anonymity, he returned to his very core. “1986” creates a genre somewhere between electronica, r&b, pop and ambient, blending organic soundscapes with electronic influences, exposing his fragile and disarming voice with modified human vocals, loops and beats. ori builds up melodic, rhythmic and repetitive structures that pull you into his music, creating moods that oscillate between intimacy and distant depths. like swimming in a pleasant ocean yet struggling to keep your breath… the vinyl release includes a download code.
Filter Music Group
Last Copy!
20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 25.04.19
second record for the celebrations of the 50th uncanny valley release
Uncanny Valley
out of stock
12.49 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 28.09.18
every summer jennifer cardinis correspondant imprint celebrates another ground-breaking year with a far-reaching collection. the stirring 16 track set features late night creations from old friends (red axes, zombies in miami, mike simonetti, moscoman) new friends (simple symmetry, perel, julian stetter, ) and friends that have been correspondant kindred spirits since day one (black merlin, mr tc, yula kasp &
out of stock
22.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 30.10.14
limited edition vinyl sampler of the forthcoming full album permanent vacation 3
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
8.79 EUR *
3x12" Vinyl FR 16.07.09
the mission : bring together 18 international hybrid pop breakthroughs for the summer. for who: those who havent made their way into the jungle of the web and nouveautes in the past few months. fans of todays pop & rock. those who like unexpected hits, and who generally believe that some tracks deserve a 15 days life online. the frame: hybrid pop (except in one case), freshness, air du temps (anxiety-tinted-cheerfulness?), slightly-twisted-lightness. the base: a compilation. remember keeping the faith, artificial intelligence, c86, respect for france, source lab... and the effort behind your own, home made ball pen illustrated mix-tapes. compiling its all about sweat, attention and skills : suspense, respirations, cliffhangers and (not) happy ending... this one says it all on the cover artwork: starting all pop & girly then progressively twisting. you will notice that every sisters support are illustrated by different pictures of virile women and other men accepting their femininity. some of them will be edited as collectors silk screens and might get exposure in paris in july...come have a drink if youre around.
out of stock
17.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl FR 11.06.09
the seventh kitsune maison compilation, the lucky one! kitsune gets more and more professional but stays as fresh and passionate as ever. with a constantly expanding network and always more discoveries, talents soon to blow-up, hopes, love, happiness and he-do-nism the maison is not so much a withdrawal, but more of a welcoming space, open to all winds. there are newcomers but also loyalty, some artists are now firmly part of, not just the maison, but the kitsune family. lately the bands from the kitsune maison compilations have also started to play some collective shoxs together: kitsune en vrai! (kitsune for real!) the kitsune sieve keeps on searching for gold and inevitably some mornings the discoveries put you in a good mood. so heres already the seventh compilation : the one that strikes lucky!
out of stock
18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.05.09
prod. by greg kurstin (kylie minogue)!den haan remix/ the golden filter remix/ drop the lime remix
in stock
7.59 EUR *
cd UK 30.04.18
afterhours, one of the most iconic series on the global underground label returns with a brand new journey. this is the soundtrack to your post clubbing adventures, the music for the party after the party. over 30 tracks and 2 continuous dj mixes of eclectic electronica, dirty basslines, pitched back techno and blissed out 90bpm moments, all cut up, spliced and layered to create a sonic landscape to get lost in! with music from whomadewho, tuff city kids, matthew dear, howling, trentemøller and more.
Global Underground
in stock
8.99 EUR *
14.99 EUR
40% Discount
cd D 12.04.16
das sich selbst und jeden floor antreibende aufeinanderhetzen von genres wie disco, funk, punk- und indierock ist nur eine von ihren disziplinen. ok, man darf es paradedisziplin nennen, immerhin ist das bandgefüge aus tomas barfod, dem drummer mit dj/producer-expertise, sänger/bassist tomas hoffding, der als bon homme eher in den subtileren gefilden des dance-pop zuhause ist und jeppe kjellberg, der die vergangenheit als jazz-gitarrist bereits mit seinem zappa-schnurri highlighted, ein genre-übergreifender thinktank. andererseits gibt es einen wesentlichen grund, warum whomadewho, anders als geistesverwandte acts wie the rapture, lcd soundsystem oder radio 4, die so genannten nullerjahre überlebt haben. es ist ihre unbedingte neugier gegenüber kontemporären clubsounds und ihr ansatz, einem eigenen song oft auch die funktionalität des clubtracks einzuarbeiten.
Get Physical Music
Last Copy!
11.99 EUR *
2xcd D 23.10.14
sieben jahre nach der veröffentlichung der letzten permanent vacation compilation haben sich die jungs des münchner labels daran gemacht nummer 3 zusammenzustellen. wir sammelten stücke, die quasi zu guten freunden wurden und uns nicht mehr losgelassen haben. am ende hatten wir 24 nummern, so dass wir schließlich zwei cds randvoll bepacken konnten. die bandbreite reicht von downtempo bis techno, von der wüste bis zum dschungel, alles fügt sich wunderbar zusammen.
Permanent Vacation
out of stock
15.95 EUR *
2x cd UK 21.06.12
allgone ibiza sees pete tong join forces with berlins booka shade - one the underrground electronic music scene most influentual acts - to create a 2 cd mix of evocative house and techno, this is the sound of petes and booka shades summer on the white isle.
All Gone Ibiza
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
cd FR 22.07.09
hybrid pop (except in one case), freshness, air du temps (anxiety-tinted-cheerfulness?) and slightly-twisted-lightness..
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
cd UK 08.06.09
incl. phoenix, la roux, autokratz, the golden filter, beni and many more
out of stock
15.99 EUR *
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