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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: the avalanches
4x12" 10.06.21
deluxe 20th anniversary edition of the 2000 debut album from the avalanches. contains 33 tracks total - all tracks from the original album plus unreleased remixes on 180 gram 4x12 inch vinyl plus download code, poster and liner notes.
XL Recordings
A1: Since I Left You
A2: Stay Another Season
A3: Radio
A4: Two Hearts In 3/4 Time
B1: Avalanche Rock
B2: Flight Tonight
B3: Close To You
B4: Diners Only
B5: A Different Feeling
C1: Electricity
C2: Tonight
C3: Pablo s Cruise
C4: Frontier Psychiatrist
D1: Etoh
D2: Summer Crane
D3: Little Journey
D4: Live At Dominoes
D5: Extra Kings
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62.95 EUR *
coloured 2x12" 10.12.20
limited deluxe edition on double mint & electric blue coloured 180 gram double vinyl, housed in double gatefold sleeve.
A1: Ghost Story ft. Orono
A2: Song For Barbara Payton
A3: We Will Always Love You ft. Blood Orange
A4: The Divine Chord ft. Johnny Marr, MGMT
A5: Solitary Ceremonies
A6: Interstellar Love ft. Leon Bridges
A7: Ghost Story Pt. 2 ft. Leon Brid
in stock
37.59 EUR *
12" lp BE Pre sale (14.06.2021)
transparent red vinyl, shiny cover with goffering, printed insert.
A1: Dont Forget Your Neighborhood (w/ The Avalanches)
A2: Mailbox (w/ John Carroll Kirby)
A3: Song for the Mister (w/ Nicolas Godin)
A4: Roses (w/ Myd)
A5: For the Last Time
B1: You Can Do It (w/ nit)
B2: Mink
B3: One of These Winters Wil
20.49 EUR *
2x12" UK 28.01.21
exzellente compilation mit den jahreslieblingen der britischen rough trade-shops. trotz der pandemie und weiterer herausforderungen bescherte uns das jahr 2020 fantastische, neue musik (oftmals politisch), die hilft, das leben etwas erträglicher zu machen. eine spezielle ehrung het an andrew weatherall, der seit den späten 80ern stets freund und inspiration für die gesamte rough trade-crew war. featuring andrew weatherall, jane weaver, the avalanches, jeffrey lewis, viagra boys, bob vylan, soccer96, bright eyes, jockstrap, dry cleaning, u.v.a. 20-track-doppel-lp.
Rough Trade
in stock
31.49 EUR *
12" 08.07.09
bright, beautiful and simply amazing indie-pop on this long awaited debut by french band toy fight.
Last Copy!
17.54 EUR *
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