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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: the new tower generation
ra s number 1 voted live act of 2015 kink provides time out of his ridiculously busy tour schedule to provide the opening track roads. kinks remix of moderat is just about to drop on monkeytown as well as his valentine s groove 12inch for clone royal oak. kink has had huge releases on labels such as rush hour, running back (last year s cloud generator ep) and has remixed the likes of sven vath, herbert, nina kraviz and deetron.
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12" 09.10.12
praterei returns with their 5th instalment and so do those twins with their second successive offering to the vienna stable! the ingredients on this one are similar to the last but the result is no less stirring. the rough and ready side of the 12 belongs to the aptly entitled >house< and youll see why. never straying too far from the old school... shuffling beats and rims keep things swinging. each layer of the melody is deep in youll be whistling this later territory and intermittent vocal shouts remind us exactly what it is we are listening to. the flip beckons for you to walk with me and that you must. the beat saunters along but always with a sanguine skip and our seductive protagonist guides us through the warm textures of rich pads and stabs. this is one of those records where, for both tracks, the message could not be more perfectly translated. every aspect contributes to a common goal, and thats a rare and quite special thing.
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12" UK 05.06.12
praterei might not be the most prolific of labels, but the quality is always way above the quantity. the fourth release on the viennese imprint comes from local boys done good the new tower generation, with a heady two track offering that fits right in with the labels ethos of focusing on the essence of house. the amusing titled >horny goat weed< is a perm twisting delight, with the grainy string sample remoulded to align with the loose jacking rhythms and rave indebted keys. >trembolon< finds the new tower generation in an altogether mellower mood, building with poise from its sonorous beginnings to a glorious mid point crescendo of rising synth lines.
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5x12 lpbox UK 14.06.16
ltd 5 lp box set
june 2016 sees freerange records celebrate 20 years at the top. the label, run by jamie ‘jimpster’ odell and tom roberts, is marking the occasion with the summer release of a carefully curated and lovingly assembled 20 track, five vinyl box set featuring exclusive new music from associates old and new, as well as with a worldwide events series. over the last two decades, generations of djs and dancers have gotten down to the freerange sound
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PUSIC 3 (2X12)
2x12" 07.05.14
brill deep house label compilation, just listen
Pusic Records
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