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12" Vinyl D Pre sale (07.06.2019)
Friends Of Friends
A1: Relax For A Living
A2: Walking On Air
A3: What A Night
A4: Brilliant Blue
A5: Island Life Calling
A6: Low Moon
B1: With Respect
B2: Italian Afternoons
B3: Fat Cookie
B4: Moving Inward
B5: Bananas In The Canyon
B6: Ubiquitous
21.69 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl D 08.06.18
special edition clear pressing – limited hand numbered 500.
los angeles producer sweatson klank builds his productions as if they were films, developing a story from start to finish. stylistically, fine lines his debut full length for friends of friends, picks up where his 2017 then i was me’ ep left off, melding forward thinking hip hop and electronics as a back drop for a soulful and sultry journey through a tumultuous love affair, loss of self, and the dark empty spaces in our minds. the songs on fine lines sit in a space occupied by hip hop, future r&b and house, yet the record cleverly transcends any single genre. while much of the production is hard hitting, the album manages to walk a tightrope between heartache and swagger. a meticulous fine line that weaves itself like a thread throughout. sweatson klank enlists a number of features on the album including newcomers ana calvo, sarah saldivia, and annie bass as well as past collaborator, montreal producer ango.
Friends of Friends
Last Copy!
20.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 23.04.13
with this third album sweatson klank puts aside self-indulgence for simple honesty and the maturity that only comes with being a seasoned artist. ‘you, me, temporary’ tells a timeless story in a compelling way, and while its title hints at the trials and tribulations behind relationships, the overt concept lies in the impermanence of everything around us.
Project Mooncircle
out of stock
23.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl D 19.02.16
first release in a limited edition strange neighbor 7 inch series. limited to 450 copies on clear 7 inch vinyl. full color 7 inch jacket, full color postcard insert featuring prints by brooklyn based photographer eva sakellarides.
Strange Neighbor
in stock
11.99 EUR *
coloured 12" Vinyl lp US 22.12.15
second volume of the hit+run presents “road kill” compilation series on limited-edition 12” colored vinyl. now on vinyl for the first time “road kill vol. 2” features fourteen hand-picked tracks that originally appeared on the compilation’s cd/digital release. each of the 400qty records pressed is a unique mixture of black & bone colored wax. the record comes housed inside a shrink-wrapped full-color offset printed jacket.
Hit & Run
Last Copy!
24.99 EUR *

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