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7" Vinyl UK 06.05.19
Alim Music
in stock
16.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 21.08.17
sunlightsquare keeps on exploring multiple style of house music this summer. the previous single from the last month -oyelo- was a winning combination of authentic latin cuban music and classic 909 house beats. it was championed by ron trent, osunlade, hunee, bradley zero, nick the record and atjazz to name a few. this time, the main man and keyboard wizard claudio passavanti deployed two remixers for deeper and more spiritual endeavour to showcase his magical composition. hailing from the birth place of south african house music pretoria, the talented young producer blaqtone laid out beautiful sunset pad, earthy african percussions and solid rolling beats, all work like magic with claudio s original spiritual keyboard works. on the flip side, kay suzuki pulled off another dubbed out psychedelic mix with -astro dub-, just like the previous release, and the more dance-floor oriented classic deep house style of -moon mix- influenced by the likes of larry heard. the track features sequenced mini-moog bass line and call & response drum programming before blissful harmonies and melodies kick in.
Sunlightsquare Records
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11.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 14.08.17
sunlightsquare s first single of 2017, oyelo, is a mixture of jazz, cuban and house music in its most authentic form. starting with moody latin-jazz piano and sun-drenched live percussion played by master percussionist giovanni imparato, the track is driven by the classic house beat of the tr-909 - the legendary 1980 s drum machine. ronnie scott s resident cuban singer rene alvarez delivers the impassioned vocals, followed by the main man claudio passavanti s heated montuno piano riffs, which combine seamlessly to create a blissful, dance-floor experience. it s a perfect marriage of organic grooves, lush beats and soulful vocals, joining the dots between different generations of latin dance music.
for the b side, london based, japanese producer kay suzuki transformed the original track into his signature psychedelic journey in 2 parts. his by the sea mix takes you to the havana beach with its synthesiser generated waves & seagulls right from the intro. the stripped-down beats and vocals are smoothly laid out with warm analogue synth textures, giving more space to claudio s tasteful latin-jazz keyboard improvisations. in contrast, the drum dub goes to the opposite side of the spectrum, all the musical elements have been removed, focusing solely on the live percussion and the raw tr-909 beat, all dubbed out with tape delays for a classic cosmic dub treatment.
Sunlightsquare Records
out of stock
11.15 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.06.16
as we move into the summer months, yoruba records is pleased to present this tasteful rendition of celebration of oggun from the much acclaimed sunlightsquare. based on a traditional yoruba chant performed by havanas abbilona, sunlightsquare takes the original and gives it a modern deep house touch. a soulful tribute to the protector in the orisha system, sunlightsquare provides a rhodes-driven melody that accompanied by powerful chants will have you grooving any time of day or night. a2 finds us with the stripped down yoruba soul beats version from osunlade himself. a unique percussive number that keeps the soul of the original Ė the bata drums command you to move your body in celebration. as we flip the record over we kick off with the yoruba soul mix. using the backbone of the beats mix, this nearly seven minute ballad is an absolute must-have in your bag. a smooth, subtle bass keeps you grooving as it makes way for the vocal Ė elevating you in the spirit of dance. lastly, we close with a stunning mix by none other than trinidadiandeep. this future yoruba classic is as deep as it comes. guaranteed to keep the floor moving, this must-listen tracks pads help round out an ep were extremely excited to bring you.
out of stock
9.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 02.08.12
global latin-soul pioneers sunlightsquare reveal a surprise 12 inch vinyl single for summer time 2012! digging deep into his vinyl collection, bbc acclaimed producer claudio passavanti selects and reenacts (in his signature afro-cuban key) two of the most iconic rare-groove & avant-garde tracks from the 70s: hearts desire (don blackman) and theme de yoyo (art ensemble of chicago).
Sunlightsquare Records
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8.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 20.06.11
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
7" Vinyl UK 06.04.11
Last Copy!
6.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp D 01.09.16
the list of musical highlights for vincent williams aka dj spinna are too numerous to list, from his seminal hip hop duo jigmastas and dj sets across the globe, to his iconic solo productions and remixes. but if you ask him, it s the relationship he s forged with personal hero stevie wonder that spinna considers to be his single greatest achievement.
BBE358CLP (130871)
BBE Records
in stock
27.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 17.10.12
exzellente, neue >soul togetherness<-ausgabe mit den r&b- und soul-highlights des jahres 2012 von r. kelly, jazzanova, gregory porter mit dem grandiosen >1960 what?<, kenny thomas (mit einer cd-erstrelease), glen goldsmith, brooklyn red, cool million, den beiden don blackman-kompositionen von sunlightsquare und jarrard anthony (feat. lonnie liston smith am keyboard), und dem cd-erstrelease des 1986er klassikers >dont wanna wait< von lew kirton.
Expansion Records
out of stock
19.99 EUR *
2cd D 01.09.16
the album focuses on cover versions, compositions and collaborations by stevie wonder, one of the most critically and commercially successful musical performers & songwriter of the late 20th century.....the list of musical highlights for vincent williams aka dj spinna are too numerous to list, from his seminal hip hop duo jigmastas and dj sets across the globe, to his iconic solo productions and remixes. but if you ask him, it s the relationship he s forged with personal hero stevie wonder that spinna considers to be his single greatest achievement.
BBE358CD (130872)
BBE Records
out of stock
19.90 EUR *
cd UK 07.06.16
the next volume of wonderwheel s long running turntables on the hudson series, curated by nickodemus, heads down to the caribbean encompassingdiverse music made for the dancefloor. totc touches on the culturally rich shores of cuba, puerto rico, haiti, jamaica, belize, mexico, colombia and the usa and beyond with island inspired vibes from the likes of ocote soul sounds, zeb, corrado bucci, captain planet, hector lavoe, poirier, sunlightsquare, and much more.
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
cd UK 19.10.12
Expansion Records
out of stock
13.59 EUR *
cd D 13.05.11
compiled by broadcaster, journalist, dj and long time black music fanatic mark webster, -seven heven- brings together music released since 2000 by labels from the uk, europe and america and highlights what is a burgeoning scene encompassing musicians, singers, djs, clubs, gigs and an ever growing following of enthusiasts. and because this music is released by indie labels, a lot of it is already in the hard-to-get category - making -seven heven- an even more essential collection of music, good is great, but good and rare, even better. -seven heven- taps into all areas of the black music genre - sweet soul, organ-heavy soul jazz, pure funk, classy disco, vocal jazz, latin and all stops in between. indeed, one of the tunes, -better living-, was only originally available on download so bbe pressed up their own 7- single. thus, it s on the compilation.
BBE Records
out of stock
16.99 EUR *

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