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12" UK 21.10.16
sebastian maschat a.k.a. stoneage kid has been around in the house music scene for about 15 years now: cult stoner house with extra produktionen , drummer in erlend oye s whitest boy alive and numerous other projects. stoneage kid is an hardware / mpc based act, with own vocals and a very distinctive electro pop aesthetique. his first ep on smile for a while creally sounds like captain comatose meeting isolee in some purple haze panic room. you ll find melancholic drum machine jams, some serious synths, lotsa vocoder and a lot of bassline-bumping. phillip lauer delivers a refreshingly cheesy remix with god singing solo and the holy ghost on drums just as expected. hang on to a dream is quite a special tune, written and sung by german indie veteran otto von bismarck. this remix version is really something for intimate connoiseurs of both pop and house music.
Smile For A While
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