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STINGRAY313 / NU-1000
12" Vinyl NL 24.03.16
an atlantic crossover brings together detroits stingray313 and glasgows galaxian for a very special 12. more collaboration than split, the ep sees each artist fly solo as well as combining their admirable analogue abilities. pressures are high from the outset, galaxian twists and teases patterns in the reverbing reverence of storm coming. bpms surge as the two merge for the cold nu-1000. lilting notes ghost between rasping rhythms. and it is around such racing drums that warmth flows, as in the meandering softness of graphene. beats dont abate as stingray takes the helm for the blistering bass of dopant
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10.71 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 06.10.14
stingray313 makes a return to naked lunch after the labels year long hiatus. beware! dj support from martyn, boddika, steffi, mark pritchard, surgeon
Naked Lunch
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9.06 EUR *
coloured 10" Vinyl UK 03.07.13
after a 3 year gap since his last release on nakedlunch our next release is from a bonafide detroit legend stingray313. pressing on grey marbled 10 inch vinyl.
dj support from ben klock, martyn, surgeon, boddika, serge (clone), ben ufo, brendon moeller, scuba, pearson sound, mark pritchard ...
Naked Lunch
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9.25 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 20.09.11
sherard ingram returns to trust with his first release of 2011: misinformation campaign. this is his third ep for the label after bio electronic and social engineering. on this record sherard ingram contrasts his lightning-fast electro-inspired rhythms with lush synth melodies and glistening arpeggios. on occasion more menacing and dystopian moods gain the upper hand, such as on the b-sides >whos watching the watchers< and >defect<. this record is impossible to pigeonhole, refining a style that is unmistakably stingrays own and which has over the past years earned him the respect of the electro, techno, dubstep, electronica, and minimal dnb camps alike.
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8.76 EUR *
coloured 10" Vinyl UK 15.11.10
throughout a recording career spanning almost two decades, dj stingray aka. sherard ingram a.k.a. urban tribe has consistently avoided the mainstream to create a musical world of his own. responsible for the early techno classic >covert action< on retroactive (reissued on planet e), ingram was joined by carl craig, anthony shakir and kenny dixon jr. (moodymann) for urban tribe s debut album >the collapse of modern culture< on mo wax and their latest project >program 1-12< released on kenny dixon jrs label mahogani music and the recent >loyal opposition< releases on planet e. touring as drexciya s official assault dj, stingray collaborated with james stinson for the >other people place ft. mystic tribe a.i.< project on clone in 2002. his two recent albums (>authorized clinical trials< and >acceptable side effects<) and singles for rephlex have remained true to their drexciyan descent, not through imitation but through remorseless innovation in electro aesthetics.
Naked Lunch
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7.98 EUR *
cd D 26.04.13
sometimes you have to look backwards to move forwards. in the case of maceo plexs dj kicks mix, its case of looking back with a different perspective. while maceo plexs mix is composed mainly of records that are up to 20 years old, its the tone of those records that is important. eric estornel, to use plexs real name, has certainly come up with a forward-thing set that doesnt sound like much else out there.
K7 Records

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Vinyl (EUR 20.46)
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