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10" Vinyl D 25.02.15
the next release to be available on 10inch vinyl in late january will be limited to 250 copies and features one track on each side, both of which take you back in time. the ingenious >strictly rhythm< by monsieur cedric fuses deep house with breakbeats and acid. steve frisco pays tribute to a well-known truly legendary new york house music label with the aptly titled utterly tantalizing >nu groove< which, to make it short, a is sheer deep house bliss.
Serie Limitee Records
out of stock
8.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl FR 18.09.14
steve frisco, of serie limitee fame, brings us the latest bundle of hot tracks to hit wax classic in 2014. as the title suggests, steve takes us on a journey through low fidelity sounds and production techniques. think dark, moody, yet crunchy basement house tracks with inspiration taken from all over the u.s and the rest of the house world. it’s a generous offering as well. six whole dusty tunes for those diggers who are looking for something with a bit more range than another record of generic piano laden, house-by-numbers pieces that still seem to be flooding the record store shelves in 2014. the moods do vary from track to track, but they remain very reflective and almost melancholic at points. the title track, ‘adventure in lo-fi’, is the deepest of the lot with filtered chords, echoing claps and a sporadic kick pattern that often clears way for the track’s bass hits. now, compare that to ‘da brooklyn beat’. whilst the former had a distinct sunrise/sunset kind of feel to it, the latter is definitely more of a club affair. skippy snare hits and a strong organ lead the track on, and at the risk of utilizing very overused buzzwords such as ‘raw’ and ‘ruff’, this track, and the rest of the a-side for that matter, certainly captures that essence. stalwart wax classic fans will no doubt be picking this one up to add to their collection. however, i strongly recommend this ep as a jumping in point to the label for any newcomers out there
Wax Classic
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9.50 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 05.04.19
potential move is back with a striking vinyl only release.
Potential Move Records
out of stock
11.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 25.10.17
trax research returns with an action-packed lp of 8 raw jack, deep dubs and tracky grooves from chicago’s finest boo williams, jordan fields, marcus mixx and kstarke along with special guest stars giles dickerson, nastyboy, steve frisco and jeremy williams!
Trax Research
in stock
19.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.03.17
volume 6 of the sought-after series from chicago to detroit compiled by jordan fields. the a side kicks off with “moonman’s return” and a full 12&#8243, version of “the runner” from boo williams. side b features tracks from steve frisco, morgan alexander and giles dickerson. be quick on this one!
Descendants Of The Deep
out of stock
14.95 EUR *
10" Vinyl D 14.03.16
fifth -hors-serie- release for serie limitee s sub-label. 99letters has been part of the japanese electronic underground scene for a while, he started producing chiptunes using a nintendo gameboy and it naturally took him to raw deep-house and techno after purchasing a couple of machines. the a side is pure deepnees with two original tracks from osaka s maestro, while the b side is reserved to some downtempo and techno remixes by serie limitee s founders steve frisco & monsieur cedric. 10-, vinyl-only, limited to 300 hand-numbered copies.
Serie Limitee Records
out of stock
9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl 180 gram D 03.09.14
5th release for serie limitee. as always: 300 copies, 180g, no digital and a mysterious bonus track by labels manager monsieur cedric himself. no need to introduce steve frisco his >psychedelic radio women< is another timeless masterpiece. profile is a fresh talent discovered in estonia. his track 25th is pure raw deepness. sl005 is also the occasion to welcome simon ferdinand. talented producer from hamburg, he has recently been releasing music on a couple of quality labels. and finally, jimini, a french producer who has already signed a few tracks on blind jacks journey, closes this e.p. with a hypnotic beatdown production. loud pressing guaranteed.
Serie Limitee Records
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl 180 gram D 12.02.14
third release for serie limitée. still 300 copies, 180g, no digital and no repress. a1 is, once again, reserved to chicagos underground pioneer joey kay who released his first record back in 1994. a raw house track with a neverending intro. the next track is pure deepness with another production from moscows young talent shyam. as deep and dark as russia s winters.. as usual to complete this side, the label manager, monsieur cedric, prepared a short bonus track. on the b side, the french co-founder of serie limitée, steve frisco, strikes back with a classic deep sound inspired by the early 90s after hours... ... while our friend from denmark, desos, owner of deso records, vibes ltd etc... closes the third volume of this story with a nice and deep house gem.
Serie Limitee Records
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl 180 gram D 05.12.13
after the success of sl001, serie limitee is now pressing 180g fresh wax records! of course, still no digital and no repress, so you better grab it while its hot.
Serie Limitee Records
out of stock
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 22.10.13
tip! serie limitee records is a brand new >vinyl-only< label created by london based dj & producer monsieur cedric. limited to 300 copies. chicagos maestro joey kays >full flight< is a classic deep-house masterpiece. steve frisco is an underground pioneer who has been around for nearly two and half decades, >red zone< is an homage to some popular early 90s french riveras after-hours. e.r.m.a.n & abtomats >el gatito< is a dark chicago house track, perfect for some obscure dancefloors. monsieur cedrics backroom remix takes things even further. the label manager also added a mysterious bonus track, an edit of a 90s classic called >bonus track 1<.
Serie Limitee Records
Last Copy!
8.49 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 26.07.13
124 recordings 5th release is a deep and moody various artists ep.
4 tracks from 4 different artists that cover all the bases
124 Recordings
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 01.07.13
dj spider & sublevel sounds bring you four remixes from the 2011 cd remix project, now available on 12? vinyl! featuring remixes from hakim murphy, steve frisco, dakini9 and dj aakmael. all four versions have been remastered for vinyl.
Sublevel Sounds
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 12.12.12
at the time of the revolution in romania, borrowed identitys parents had to leave the country, because of revolutionary activities and an anticommunist lifestyle.
Traveller Records
out of stock
9.99 EUR *

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