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12" Vinyl UK 24.01.19
1982 remaster
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19.99 EUR *
cd UK 15.06.16
der detroiter dj/produzent ryan elliott machte sich als berghain/panorama bar-resident und mit releases auf ostgut ton und ghostly international einen namen in der techno-szene. sein groove betontes, ansprechendes fabric-set meistert er mit stil und bravour, indem er aus unterschiedlichsten strukturen und klangfarben nicht-lineare sequenzen baut, die dem mix erlauben sich über 70 minuten aufzubauen und abzuebben, ohne an intensität zu verlieren und den geneigten hörer darüber rätseln lassen, mit welcher leichtigkeit sich ryan elliott durch solch heterogenes terrain navigiert.
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THE ROAD: PART 1 (180G 2X12 LP)
2x12" Vinyl lp UK 23.08.17
after a rollercoaster twenty-five year career as an artist, curator and tastemaker, james lavelle returns with unkleís fifth studio album: the road part 1.
the road part 1 is a collection of fifteen new unkle tracks inspired following his curation of 2014ís meltdown festival at southbank, their most successful to date.
the road part 1 is a collective creative venture by musicians including london folk-rock artist and poet keaton henson, primal screamís andrew innes, the duke spiritís liela moss, long time unkle collaborator mark lanegan, and mercury prize nominee eska.
lavelle also found new friends and collaborators in queens of the stone age drummer jon theodore and beck drummer justin stanley, who make definitive contributions throughout the record.
recorded in london and los angelesí pink duck studios, the road part 1 is the product of a desire to create something fresh and innovative, that also celebrates the rich history of unkle, and showcases a new wave of talent such as elliott power, mïnk and yseÉ.
double 180 gram black vinyl, housed in a gatefold sleeve.
Songs For The Def
out of stock
37.99 EUR *
5x12" Vinyl box D 06.10.16
black vinyl. immense release!!! 5x12inch custom box set including 18 original and unreleased tracks by the label masters! vinyl only.
in stock
49.00 EUR *
5x12" Vinyl box colored D 06.10.16
limited colored version. immense release!!! 5x12inch custom box set including 18 original and unreleased tracks by the label masters! vinyl only.
out of stock
55.00 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl lp US 24.04.12
if the independently-pressed record made the galaxy of recorded music that much larger, the burgeoning home studio became the black hole from which little escaped. flowering in the mid-to-late Ď70s, affordable high-quality tape recorders, synthesizers, and simple drum machines permitted the aspiring artist to never leave his home, never request the assistance of another human being. in the world of american black music, name artists such as sly stone, timmythomas, and shuggie otis had experimented with rudimentary electronic soul with a modicum of success, but on record what remains is scant. this collection presents the unheard underground of the self-produced, often solo, electronic soul world of the Ď70s and early 80s, offering a view into an ocean of sound that is in turn peaceful, bizarre, funky, and often humbly ahead of its time. available as a high quality 180 gram double lp and features arial photography by nasa astronaut donald pettit.
Chocolate Industries
out of stock
24.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 06.06.11
excellent deep slo mo house / disco journey...
Playrjc 013
Live At Robert Johnson

also available as:
CD (EUR 14.79)
out of stock
14.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl US 12.11.08
shaggy and missy elliott on one record - where else do you get that?
out of stock
6.99 EUR *
cd D 12.03.18
dj-kicks start 2018 in fine style with another vital entry into their long running series. the latest comes from swiss dj and producer deetron on march 3rd 2018, and features an exclusive solo track as well as exclusive collaborations with steve spacek, jinadu and jamie lidell. as one of the other most famous musical exports from his swiss homeland, he has pretty much done it all from fabric and balance mix cds to running his own label, from essential albums like twisted and music over matter on music man records to club focussed 12Ēs on will saulís aus music and french label circus company. after 20 years in the game, he is still in demand at key clubs around the world, and is sufficiently respected as to be able to call on big names like seth troxler, cooly g and ben westbeech for collaborations.
K7 Records

also available as:
Carl Craig - Goodbye World / Gifted and Blessed - The Dreamer
Linkwood - Love Lost
Indian Ocean - Schoolbell
Soulphiction - Criticize
Mr. Fingers - Waterfall feat. Ovasoul 7
Roman FlŁgel - Song of Blue
Burnt Friedmann - Plastikthai / Dresvn - First Voyage (DJ Sotofettís extended mix)
Spacetime Continuum - Swing Fantasy (Strange Attractor Mix)
Morgan Geist - Linking Tunnel / Julie Dexter - The Plan
Aardvarck - Komt Goed
Circulation - Sincerely
DJ Koze - Letís love
Ani - Morning Factory / Deetron feat. Steve Spacek - Choose me (Accapella)
Nikola Gala - Only (Ryan Elliott Remix)
Keith Worthy - Moon Dance
Paul W. Teebroke - Thing 1
Radio Slave - Children of the E (KiNK Remix)
Deetron feat. Jamie Lidell - Cry with the stars (Accapella)
A made up sound - Rework
Hotline - Riddim (Jacques Renault Edit)
Tony Allen - Kilode (Carl Craig Remix)
Pepe - Benzine Electronics
Black Dog Prod - Flux
Deetron - Untitled
DJ Bone - All my heart
Francis Bebey - Bissao (Pilooski Edit)
Floorplan - Let the church
Terrace - Seventh City (Filtered Dub)
Derrick May - Kaotic Harmony
Equiknoxx - Flagged up (Mark Ernestus Remix)
DJ Bone - Dreamers 6.1
Russian - Optical Illusions
K-Lone - Old Fashioned
Jessy Lanza - Strange Emotion
Last Copy!
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