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12" 01.08.22
dj, producer, composer and musician, dj st. paul is a multi-faceted artist who has been performing since 1984. under his pseudonym st. paul on acid, he presents two acid productions on vinyl. in 2020, one of his tracks was released on the hrdflr label for his highly successful versus series. side a, annas rising joy: this track is an ode to joy that i dedicate to my wife and the infinite moments shared. it reminds us of the simplicity and happiness experienced during the first raves where a motley, heterogeneous and strange crowd of individuals met and whose common energy led to a hypnotic fusion in the dance. side b, rabbits run: >late, always late<, the white rabbit runs and goes down the hole. it is of the current urgency vis-a-vis the climate change, with the march of the world towards always more that this piece was born. the white rabbit is always in a hurry, always running because time is accelerating, because time is still missing, pressurized by the world-machine.
Orange & Lemon
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2xCD 26.06.12
fr die 13. saison auf ibiza und die dazugehrige warum-up summer mix-cd sind fr euch dies mal cassy und joris voorn am start!
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