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12" Vinyl D 06.03.12
spank rock feat. big freedia - nasty remixes taken from the album:everything is boring & everyone is a f—ing liar (produced by boys noize) on the peak of the succesful wave of spank rocks sophomore effort, everything is boring and everyone is a fucking liar, boysnoize records proudly presents spank rocks latest single called nasty featuring the undisputed queen diva of bounce music - big freedia and hooked up by the lady herself tyette. nasty is the pure extraction of an eccentric and intimate bounce track twisted, filthy, party- and sexdriven, its bound to make even the grumpiest person dance like there is no tomorrow. this pearl of goodness comes in 2 different mixes by bnrs youngest discovery scntst, who turned the original track into a dark techno/dubstep hybrid giving you goose bumps. both, are clearly one of the best mixes done by scntst so far. also alex ridha was more than impressed and picked scntst voal-remix of his favorite rapper, just edited it and made this nasty tune even more effective!addison groove, also known as headhunter, of 50 weapons fame has graced us with two reworks of nasty. both expose his passion for experimental broken up sounds. he keeps it real by emphasizing the deep and heavy bass in the track. sebastian’s dtf dadt remix is a dirty dubstep gem, which we can already see fitting right in in underground clubs and big international venues. what a bonus!
Boys Noize
out of stock
7.99 EUR *
3xcd D 29.05.12
available worldwide as a 3cd digipak with an eight page booklet. on cd3 you can find a continuous dj mix by shadow dancer
Boys Noize
out of stock
15.79 EUR *
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