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tape / cassette D 16.11.17
this is the third volume of random numbers split series. a cross-section of the italian experimental scene in 5 volumes. each artist is assigned to one side of a c50 tape, in which express his music without compromises. volume 3 is entrusted to somec and von tesla. somec gives us 20 minutes of raw recordings of a mythical machine, a buchla 208, which stops its technology to the 70s. all recorded live with the aid of a computer. in less technical terms, napolis work can be summarized in a handful of eccentric hallucinations pretentious recreations for quirky programmers polished fiction. nwh2o is a long journey through interstellar landscapes and claustrophobic extraterrestrial rhythms, transmissions from other times and places. von tesla presents a more romantic vision of his world, divided into a triptych, touch / enter / flesh. dreaming representation of a meeting, where the romantic tones are obfuscated by a drop of lsd, which changes the colors, shapes and volumes. a slow movement toward the transformation of the body, an approach to transhumanism that mingles technology in the body, a genesis of tetzuo (the man of steel / tetzuo shima) of the years 10.
Random Numbers
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