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12" Vinyl D 02.02.11
wow, 2011er repress und ab geht er !! big 3 tracker incl guido schneider remix !! hammered by fabrice lig, cio d or, monika kruse, jeremy caulfield, tanzmann, miss jools, prins thomas, sasse, tiefschwarz, shinedoe - already in the groove charts top 50
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7.39 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 16.06.08
remixes by motorcitysoul (stir15, lofi stereo) and lawrence (dial). big with steve bug, deetron, sebo k, laurent garnier, luca bacchetti, will saul, mathias schaffhäuser, kiki and many more..
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12" Vinyl D 11.02.08
further support comes from akufen, benno blome, ed devenport, cio d or, matt star, tiefschwarz, nick curly. it is a great honour to present mr. funkworm and mr. steppenwolf, together! the first coop. of those two artists smells like something fresh and new. the new track >radar< of stimming and h.o.s.h. sets the benchmark to the next level. fantastic! >milkyway< swims deep, lovely and pushing on the dancefloor, >ghostdog< shows a darker side of the two protagonists solomun and stimming. enjoy this trilogy.
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4x12 lpbox D 11.07.16
lp-box: klappdeckelschachtel in lp-grösse (318 x 315 x 31 mm) / 4 x schwarzes vinyl im gatefold / download-code / poster (60 x 60 cm) / 6 wachsmalstifte (bunt) / limitiert auf weltweit 500 stück
der diynamic-labelboss gilt als einer der begehrtesten remixer dieser tage. internationale stars wie foals, editors, broken bells, paul kalkbrenner oder lana del rey vertrauen auf die fähigkeiten des gebürtigen bosniers, ihre tracks tanzbar und sexy zu machen. nicht selten wird ein solomun-remix dabei sogar erfolgreicher als das original. mladen solomun legte eine der steilsten karrieren im dj-zirkus der letzten jahre hin und stieg innerhalb kurzer zeit vom respektierten underground-dj/produzent in den weltweiten dj-olymp auf. ein grund dafür waren neben seinen energiegeladenen sets und seinen erfolgreichen eigenproduktionen auch diese seine remixe. als besonderer clou der compilation wird jede cd- und vinyl-box mit buntstiften und einem poster des covers ausgestattet, so dass sich jeder fan sein eigenes cover -remixen- kann. -solomun - selected remixes 2009-2015- gibt dem hörer einen großartigen Überblick über die verschiedenen facetten des produzenten mladen solomun. sein label diynamic feiert in diesem jahr zehnjährigen geburtstag – der perfekte anlass für die erste remix-werkschau.
Diynamic Music

also available as:
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38.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 11.07.11
diynamic music reach release number 50! as it should be, diynamic musics 50th release is quite possibly their finest to date. a veritable feast of musical magic, from an all-star dream-team of artists. the four track zapzarap ep sees h.o.s.h teaming up with stimming on >my shadow< and label chief solomun working together the newest member of the diynamic team, dj phono on >ice cream and bonus miles<. stimming then turns out the solid gold >sexy biest< alongside david august and finally h.o.s.h. returns, accompanied by the labels spanish brother uner, on the brilliantly timed summer anthem, >sonar<
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coloured 3x12" Vinyl+mp3 D 16.09.16
3 x weisses 12 vinyl, in bedrukcten innentaschen, im gestanzten 5mm breitem hochglanz-cover, inkl. download-code
Diynamic Music

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CD (EUR 17.49)
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4x12" Vinyl D 20.07.12
after five years of its highly successful existence, after founding its sister-label 2diy4, after opening its own club ego in hamburg, after sending its artists all around the globe and after having brought more than 50 releases into this world - its time to celebrate diynamics fifth birthday! and this charity-compilation is diynamics gift for all of you. all benefits of this compilation will be donated to kinderhospiz sternenbrücke, an organization that accompanies terminally ill children in the last time of their lifes.
Diynamic Music

also available as:
CD (EUR 10.59)
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29.99 EUR *
cd D 06.10.08
feat. exclusive tracks from solomun,h.o.s.h.,stimming,trickski,jay shepeard,ost & kjex,paolo olarte,solar & poppcke. original & remixes from jerome sydenham, anja schneider,jimpster,lawrence,guido schneider & kollektiv trumstraße
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18.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 03.12.07
die geballte ladung diynamic zum jahresende !! supported by dj emerson, 3 channels, luna city express, matt star, sebo k., till von stein, kiki, gummihz, einzelkind und viele viele mehr..
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7.29 EUR *
cd D 19.03.18
we are back in the hauptstadt (berlin capital) with the fifth installment of the * stil vor talent berlin* compilation series, which brings forth a group of old and new faces, who exclusively contributed unreleased tracks, gathered under the umbrella of one of berlins most iconic spots. frankfurter tor is the gateway to one of our favourite districts: good old friedrichshain. loud, left and a little dirty, it houses some of the city’s best clubs, markets and musicians, oliver koletzki included. its two towers stand as metaphorical guards to an area that has plenty to offer and asks for little in return, instantly making it feel like home. as always, music is the common denominator and oliver koletzki delivers the perfect soundtrack with this new release, while chrisse kunst renders the visuals.
Stil Vor Talent
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13.99 EUR *
2xcd D 16.09.16
6-seitiges digipak, im gestanzten hochglanz-schuber, mit 2 weissen trays (mittig & rechts), kein booklet
Diynamic Music

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Vinyl (EUR 29.99)
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17.49 EUR *
2cd D 17.07.12
after five years of its highly successful existence, after founding its sister-label 2diy4, after opening its own club ego in hamburg, after sending its artists all around the globe and after having brought more than 50 releases into this world - it’s time to celebrate diynamic’s fifth birthday! and this charity-compilation is diynamic’s gift for all of you. all benefits of this compilation will be donated to kinderhospiz sternenbrücke, an organization that accompanies terminally ill children in the last time of their lifes. the kinderhospiz is hamburg-based and currently collecting for a room for music-therapy. the sampler is splitted into two cds, one to show diynamic’s current sound and one to cross the borders of house-music, to refresh diynamic’s greatest hits. in five years diynamic has become a big family and of course each member has to be part of diynamic’s fifth birthday compilation. solomun, stimming, david august, h.o.s.h., uner, ost & kjex, dj phono, adriat

also available as:
Vinyl (EUR 29.99)
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10.59 EUR *
2cd D 02.11.10
for plenty of us berlin is not only germanys ever growing capital but the worlds current headquarter of the electronic music szene as such with many of the worlds signature clubs & labels calling it their home. logically berlin has launched its own music conference - berlin music days with a brand new concept this year. artists , musicians , magazines, booking agencies, labels, djs, decision makers and finally all the public will have the chance to meet in off locations (day) and clubs (night) all over town for a few days of a bottom up meet and greet, exchange, music making and listening from nov. 3-6 this year. the whole thing culminates in fly bermuda - the official music festival at flughafen tempelhof and this herewith presented bespoke official compilation incl. berlins most fabulous music of the year on a day and night side
Last Copy!
15.99 EUR *
cd NL 24.03.10
Cloud Dance
Last Copy!
17.99 EUR *

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