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12" Vinyl UK 08.03.18
norwegian duo smerz had a prolific 2017, which saw the copenhagen-based henriette and catharina play the likes of club 2 club, moma ps1, sell out half life parties of their own, as well as release five new tracks along with five self-directed videos. clearly not ones to wait around, smerz go in to the new year with their have fun ep on the horizon for release via xl recordings in march 2018. with their unique electronic sound blending deconstructed club music, minimalist r&b and experimental pop and techno, smerz are also prolific djs who s djing style takes a similar route. mixing live vocals over their own music and interlaced with choice cuts aimed squarely at the dancefloor, this duo dj hard in a live setting and are thrilling to watch as well as listen. smerz currently host their own monthly nts radio residency, mixing cutting-edge dance music and darker tones, in what is turning in to their trademark style.
XLT 881
XL Recordings
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9.19 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 16.05.17
following the release of their previous single guess what (featuring smerz) today copenhagens code walk announce news of their debut ep‘doubler - out on friday 5th may on ex-local. code walk consists of friends søren gregersen and jesper nørbæk. after garnering praise from radio tastemakers such as benji b, phil taggart, nemone, julie adenuga & jamz supernova, code walk are well on their way to establishing themselves as a staple part of the burgeoning electronic scene that is rising in copenhagen. like recent collaborators smerz, the duo create evocative techno infused electronica, that swells with escalating emotion and energy.
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