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12 Inch 16.01.14
the cover of laguna verde ep shimmers in a turquoise and dark greenish tone, letting us reminisce about our sweet memories of one of the best and hottest summers ever: smalltown collective delivers their second schallbox single, a deep and melancholic techhouse track, that seems almost timeless in its original near-9-minute version. then there are the prestigious remixes, lining up seamlessly on this release: a groove-teeming version coming courtesy of the chosen two and even two different fulminant versions by cocoon darling sven tasnadi! so, as you can see, theres strictly nothing getting in the way of a musical visit to bolivias laguna verde!
Schallbox Records
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6.30 EUR *
12 Inch 05.09.12
as re-mixers, they have already made two fine contributions to schallbox-releases, now they finally get their own track on the swiss label. 12 most definetly belongs to the smalltown collective!
the name of the track is tiefblau and it speaks for itself: you are transported by a pushing, bass-generated pressure capsule down along a hypnotic groove line and into a deep blue ocean. the smalltown collective really exploit the merits of the acoustic stage here, pulling together a compelling and diverse set of notes and tones carefully arranged to amount to a track you just cant shake.
in his interpretation, dj le roi stays true and to the deepest blue dive atmosphere of tiefblau, yet manages to make it completely his own. unmistakably tieflblau, unmistakably le roi.
the page logo belongs to berlin-based producer david keno, whos signature lies in lacing floor-oriented beats with a distinct melodic aspect. with his unique and secret recipe, keno tweaks/ treats this track as he does with so many stomping house tracks with a laid-back vibe. guaranteed to work on any dance floor in the world!
Schallbox Records
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6.30 EUR *
3x12 Inch 04.09.14
triple vinyl pack from schallbox records, contains these eps:
- sbr 11: gabriel le mar - deep red guitar
- sbr 12: smalltown collective - tiefblau
- sbr 13: antientertainers - drunken sailor
Schallbox Records
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9.82 EUR *
12 Inch 05.07.12
schallbox inaugurates the open-air season and by doing so unmistakably calls out for a dance! the high spirits of the party held for its tenth release is still in everbobys mind - and the blaze is still burning! yet team schallbox around steve cole follows up by presenting space night astronaut, saafi brother and sound design artist gabriel le mar with the spherically driving and playfully dreamy track >deep red guitar<.
Schallbox Records
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6.30 EUR *
12 Inch 25.02.11
>13.0< is the reduced title of the original track, which reflects as well the puristic approach of the sound. oldschool manner meets analog waves on swinging grooves, that cleares the way across the galaxy. gabriel le mar pitches down the velocity and touches down on the magical fairys planet! his silver bullet is the game of dice and conjures the fairies with an ocean of moments in happiness, what ends up in joyful dancing. playing games has ever been his passion! the trip goes on in low level flight mode. the smalltown collective offers clearer strings with a dose of deepness. on his remix of >29.0<, steve coles shoots the fire with wide-opened claps and crunching the gear, while spreading the music by the machine into the width of the universe.
Schallbox Records
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4.06 EUR *
12 Inch 05.08.08
>shared time< by rolf imhof is a fine, minimal driven, crisp tune dancing on a cool dry beat base. with the petite but magnificent hook-line the song will easily casts the spell over the club crowds. tobi lützenkirchen s (platform b, stil for talent) remix puts the lid on this must vinyl
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6.05 EUR *

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