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12" Vinyl UK 28.09.18
skinny pelembe corrals together a cast of talented friends for his new ep. it’s his most ambitious release to date, boasting a different group or artist featuring on each of its tracks, each of them an act he’s met through music or through linking with brownswood’s celebrated talent development programme future bubblers two years ago. across its four entries, he bridges hip-hop, psych-rock and jazz-influenced tangents, cutting out a diverse cross-section of the city’s music scene. it’s a document of the connections he’s made as an artist, and is the most collaborative project he’s worked on so far. the title of the ep comes from some advice which skinny noted to himself on an old notebook. each of its songs started as a rough idea which was then fleshed out and re-imagined with his collaborators.
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7" Vinyl UK 11.04.18
having recently signed to brownswood recordings, announced via new track ‘i’ll be on your mind’, skinny pelembe’s first single proper for the london imprint, ‘spit / swallow’ spans pastoral pop, psychedelic textures and hip-hop-tipped, chopped and spliced guitar, interlacings samples with rolling drum breaks and echoed falsettos. b-side ‘toy shooter’ follows in similar fashion, bridging psych-rock exaltation with beat-head, synth-jamming production.
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12" Vinyl UK 13.09.17
zweiter und finaler teil der ersten vinylausgabe des beliebten brownswood-samplers von dj-ikone & trendsetter gilles peterson mit elf exclusives und raritäten aus den bereichen nu jazz, soul, broken beats, world und downbeat. eine abwechslungsreiche, aurale exkursion für musikliebhaber, zusammengestellt von einem wahren trainspotter! zu den bisherigen bubblers gehörten flying lotus, mayer hawthorne, ghostpoet und jamie woon.
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