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12" Vinyl () D 28.11.19
ferdinando apicella a.k.a. singular anomalies was born in naples. he has his first approach with the music when at the age of 10 his father gave him his first piano keyboard. in 1994 he listened to for the first time to a techno tape from derrick may, he had directly a big passion for techno detroit. so he started playing with his first vinyls, knowing labels as metroplex, underground resistance, transmat, axis, m-plant, and following djproducers like jeff mills, robert hood, kenny larkin, mike banks. for a period of time, he abandoned the techno scene to learn some jazz music, but after some years, obsessed by the techno music, he started studying seriously electronic music production, obtaining the degree of sound engineer and sound designer.
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2x12" Vinyl D 26.09.19
the debut album from seth troxler and phil moffa as lost souls of saturn on double vinyl via r & s.
R&S Records
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