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12" Vinyl D 18.05.18
milan based collective just this are proud to present the ‘absolute infinity ep’, a joint release from netherlands-based producers sinfol and octual. featured in this package are two remixes from gerd janson prescribing a heavy dose of acid. title track is a stripped back groove with a looping synth lead that wanders through ricocheting drums. for his first remix gerd muffles the framework of the original, making room for a floating melody and warm lead, whilst the ‘acid only’ version takes the components of the original and throws them into a bath full of acid. closing off the ep is ‘wire’, a moody dancefloor cut for the after-hours.
Just This 021
Just This
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10.79 EUR *
12" Vinyl D 24.10.16
the quality of stockholm ltds 2016 output has been hard to top, with acclaimed full length >isle of real< from label boss pär grindvik in may, followed by a split ep from grindvik and sloboda label head nihad tule in september. and the stockholm born, berlinbased imprint is right back with another lethal va, >a number of thoughts<. their 39th release combines contributions from dutchmen doka, sinfol and octual plus belgian newcomer phara, as well as grindvik himself.
Stockholm LTD
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8.99 EUR *

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