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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: silat beksi / gorbani / herck / leparente
12" Vinyl NL 08.04.16
mood 24 brings you the first in a limited vinyl only series in the form of mood series. each track has its own story to tell from artists silat beksi, gorbani, herck, leparente. *secret circle* from silat beksi has a very minimal feel, simplistic drums, repetitive groove combined with spacey atmospheric pads and synths. gorbanis track *the jaw* is more drum and percussion oriented with subtle fx shots and and groovy sub bass. hercks *gura sada* is very atmospheric, lots of organic noises. but its that main synth that gets you moving which the entire track is built around. *flashback* from leparente is deep and groovy, pieced together with a wicked bassline and main synth/pad that you can feel in your soul. ears open, this is just the beginning.....
Mood 24 Records
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