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12" Vinyl D 13.06.18
with their 5th release ourselves remain true to the passion of house music containing 4 groovy tracks full of warm sounds. onward going drums. massive basslines and bright chords pressed on black gold that we love so much. there is no emulation of a trend or hype. time just does not matter. in a very detailed way the two producers siggatunez and sello show you what their musical roots and influences are without claiming an a-side titletrack but creating timeless clubmusic for every situation on the floor which also could be classics from tomorrow.
Ourselves - Split Attention
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12" Vinyl D 19.04.17
„ourselves is entering the third round. but what can one expect from a house label? with the v/a homelike. you committ yourself to the mission of house music in all its various manifestations and take it to the floor. kicking off the ride is sello s “loop my ass“. soulful vocals driven by massive kicks. string sounds and heavy bass. simply timeless. what else could you want? jan ketel & siggatunez pick up the pace with “today is the past of tomorrow“. analog basslines and deep chords shake hands with shuffling hihats. no big hoo-ha. the focus is simply on groove and atmosphere. the boys from rose records. m.ono & luvless. are making their debut on ourselves with house music par excellence. funky and floating. the “walnut express“ keeps pushing through your speakers announcing party. lootbeg s “remembrin“ perfectly rounds up the release and lets you fly away. hovering pads seemlessly interwoven with arp sounds and classical drums telling you that house is your home. simply homelike!“
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12" Vinyl D 11.07.16
with the new sublabel ourselves established under the roof of the well-known o*rs crew from leipzig. a new label has been launched which can without a doubt be called a matter of the heart. production. graphic design. promotional shipping. in leipzig truly every single step remains within the family. with the now appearing compilation imagination the newly born baby ourselves directly presents itself in the best possible light. kicking off the sampler is düsseldorf-based artist sello. the house track characterized by its analog drums. deep chords and snotty bassline completely places his bet on deepness. in his very own catchy way. it sure is the perfect entrance into the musical debut. the second track of the release. a collaboration of jan ketel and his partner in crime siggatunez. shines through its very dynamic and driving buildup. the title being a graceful tribute. it carries the name of the eponymous berlin club farbfernseher. nevertheless. such a warm and dreamy house track might as well serve as the perfect commendation for the first open airs of spring. the flipside impresses with a ruff and dirty club track by berlin-based producer braunbeck. which self-ironically manifests itself particularly through the self-recorded vocals. as a true humorous banger. the track adds even more musical depth to the already outstanding release. the completion of the compilation and therefor also the most technoid track of the release is contributed by perel. a tool-like classic. standing out through its massive kick and hi-hat called felene hischer. nasty. groovy and timeless. just how we like it!
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12" Vinyl full cover D 06.08.14
heavy deep disco invasion! black pearl record s mudegg (roskow kretschmann & tom sky) deliver insight into their knowledge about and passion for disco-music. one complex and well arranged song full of musicality and a keen sense of groove make „at light“ a bomb. sello s raw and straight rework and siggatunez rolling slo mo joint improve the fourth tieffrequent-release to a very diversified dance floor-filler and a very special piece of music..
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