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Coloured 2x12 Inch 30.09.22
limited clear double vinyl, download code and 12-page booklet included.
Hallow Ground
A1: Obsidian Sorrows (For Gérard De Nerval)
A2: A Quiet Glow (For Chuya Nakahara)
B1: Burnt Black Eyes Hedayat)
B2: Demented Skies (For Alejandra Pizarnik)
C1: Smoldering Stars (For Giacomo Leopardi)
C2: Opulent Night (For Mário Desá-Carneiro)
D1: A Shape Forlorn (For Zhu Shuzhen)
D2: Prisms Of Sleep (For Jean-Joseph Rabearivelo)
Last Copy!
28.31 EUR *
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