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12" IT 05.10.21
shriekback presents my spine is the bass line
in stock
10.66 EUR *
2x12" 26.09.11
the strut label returns with a brand new vinyl edition of one of the imprints most in-demand series, disco not disco, exploring original anthems and rarities from the world of reactionary 1970s post-punk and leftfield disco.
with the original two compilations released at the turn of the decade as a new wave of bands like the rapture and lcd soundsystem drew on the musics influence, disco not disco has since been adopted in its own right as a term to describe a whole genre. the compilation is more timely than ever in 2011 as a reference point for a burgeoning mainstream scene.
the new edition moves from new york classics by konk and bill laswells material to early detroit machine music, belgian new beat and a healthy dose of uk originals from shriekback, quando quango and more on seminal labels like y and factory. watch out too for rare gems from unexpected sources including japanese electronic pioneers yellow magic orchestra and 70s prog collective isotope.
disco not disco is packaged in a deluxe 2lp gatefold with featuring sleeve notes by bill brewster, author of >last night a dj saved my life<, extensive track by track notes and rare photos.
Strut Records
out of stock
13.76 EUR *
cd UK 11.05.15
die erste ausgabe mit dem titel -sherwood at the controls vol.1: 1979-1984- präsentiert 14 von sherwood produzierte oder remixte tracks zwischen post-punk, mutant-disco, dub, funk und electro aus der hochphase zwischen 1979 bis 1984. klassiker und raritäten, cd-erstveröffentlichungen und zwei komplett unveröffentlichte tracks (prince far i, voice of authority ft. congo ashanti roy). alle formate unmixed.
On-u Sound
Last Copy!
12.28 EUR *
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