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2x12" Vinyl UK 17.05.19
the loop is the new lp by los angeles based polymath shafiq husayn, an epic project which saw its inception in 2012 through a series of studio sessions at shafiq s home, including collaborations with the likes of thundercat, erykah badu, flying lotus, bilal and anderson paak.
Eglo Records
in stock
26.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.09.16
limited, one sided 12- single from master teacher and musical visionary shafiq husayn, featuring the vocal talents of fatima and jimetta rose.
Eglo Records
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9.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 24.10.14
as one third of sa-ra creative partners shafiq husayn helped change the world, producing, writing and collaborating with a diverse cast of artists, from common to kanye, jill scott to j dilla and erykah badu, the aspects of music that sa-ra helped reintroduce to hip hop and rnb can be heard today throughout the current musical climate. citing the influence of the greats like george clinton, prince, herbie hancock and jimi hendrix, shafiqs sky high level of quality and musicality is noted and admired all over the world. featuring anderson paak (formerly know as breezy lovejoy), *it s better for you* is the first song lifted from forthcoming album the l&#8734,,,p, a project that includes collaborations with the likes of hiatus kayote, thundercat, miguel atwood ferguson, fatima and many more. due for release early 2015. this is the first solo work from shafiq since 2009s the critically lauded album en-a-free-ka.
Eglo Records
in stock
10.95 EUR *
cd D 09.09.09
a-free-ka: a kemetic term, from ancient egypt, meaning spirit. being in a-free-ka means no limitations. no boundaries. infinite. as the myth-scientist sun ra said: the only limit is your imagination.
Last Copy!
14.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl lp UK 21.06.16
die 6-köpfige band paper tiger aus leeds ist ohne zweifel eine der vielseitigsten auf dem wah wah 45s label. dieses kreative kollektiv verfüget über eine breite palette von sounds: von futuristischen hip hop-beats zu funky und tanzbaren elektronische breaks, manchmal mit schmutzigen post-dubstep-vibes und angereichert mit witzigen wortspielen. blast off ist paper tigers zweites album nach ihrem 2013er debüt laptop suntan.
Wah Wah 45s
Last Copy!
24.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl UK 09.08.13
burning houses first album is a radical and unprecedented collage of raw funk, relentless hip hop, contagious club music and brash jazz. switching gears effortlessly...
out of stock
8.59 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 05.02.13
here we go with number 3! even deeper into the mind of mo ko... seriously nice! dope remix from sa ras shafiq husayn too!
One Handed Music
out of stock
8.39 EUR *
10" Vinyl US 08.11.12
Weirds Science
out of stock
12.99 EUR *
2x12" Vinyl D 29.05.12
Blue Note Records
Lift Off - Robert Glasper Experiment / Husayn, Shafiq
Afro Blue - Robert Glasper Experiment / Badu, Erykah
Cherish The Day - Robert Glasper Experiment / Hathaway, Lalah
Always Shine (Feat. Lupe Fiasco And Bilal) - Robert Glasper
Gonna Be Alrigh
out of stock
20.99 EUR *
12" Vinyl NL 01.04.09
anthem alert!!! ok... first some words on aqeel... he is 4lux latest signing. after his excellent wake up release, produced by shafiq husayn and remixed by 4luxs own syrafin in 2008, we welcome you into 2009 with the release of this sublime follow up. 4 tracks that are a variety of sounds and new expressions transformed from passion, dedication and hard living. and the jam of this ep is for sure rock hard which features aqeels soup of sexual funk, spaced out jazz, a whole lotta soul and a bad ass funk driven disco groove!! a big...big up tempo banger with super thight production that could easily hit the charts!!. the other tracks such as nasty are sick spaced out slo mo funk cuts with insane basslines, off the wall vocals and crazy instrumentation. wake up is another boom bap head nodder, produced by shafiq husayn of sa ra creative partners fame. and last cut on this ep is love a mystery which is a warm and synthesized soul tune. all tracks come as instrumentals and acapella versions! disco funk, slo mo head nodder, future soul record of this spring!! must have!
out of stock
8.79 EUR *

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