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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: shades of gray & uone
12" Vinyl D 11.10.12
with tok024. tonkind presents a wonderful collaboration between the australian team shades of gray from sydney and and melbournes shiny kid uone. best think about it. for this production they did not met in sydney nor in melbourne. but in prag. here. the one part of shades of gray. czech national michal schwa still have his studio. long time ago. back in summer 2005 he landed in australia with a bag full of vinyl. a string of dj gigs and the promise of unchartered territory ahead. soon after he met there local producer nick west. their common passion lead to a collaboration. besides their shades of gray project. they formed the label beef records. since then they have made a huge impact on the house music scene. shur-i-kan. miguel migs. luna city express. miss kittin. jimpster. pezzner. laurent garnier. smash tv and the timewriter are just the tip of an iceberg of fans. their debut album and career pinnacle to date. soul machine. was critically acclaimed by the press. receiving glowing reviews in dj mag and debug. to carry on this journey they keep on meeting good producers and djs all around the world to share and develope their skills. katoomba is the outcome of such an exchange. further more uone who is even more a walking music normad. gave his best ingredients to this release. what we hear is a shaking. colorful ep. which will arrest attention out there...for sure
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