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12" Vinyl D 11.04.16
sebastian fiegen rolls out his debut solo release for cadenza records this spring, with a trio of excellent house cuts on the theofidelity ep. the german producer has been crafting quality productions for some time now under aliases and collaborations, and its on lucianos label where he makes his mark as a solo artist. dopeman opens the ep with a rolling chi-town house style groove, a simple yet effective filtered vocal loop and sustained strings harvest the feel good vibes over its solid beats. fiegen keeps up the pace with anando, more drum led house grooves with a high production value, the vocal refrain cutting in and out of the mix whilst the simplistic bassline and woody percussion maintains the bouncing vibes. closing the ep is th01, again coming correct with the feel good factor with its use of the looped sample and lazy, hypnotizing drums. a cracking debut production from fiegen, and a well rounded release for cadenza.
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