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12" Vinyl NL 04.11.15
sean pierce debuts on mannequin records with an intense dark / techno modular synth 6 tracks ep. currently operating out of portland, oregon, sean is one half of asss, who put out two acclaimed singles on mannequin records parent label haunted air records. check the monster dance floor slasher ‘immodest force. tip!
MNQ 077
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10.79 EUR *
2xcd FR 16.06.16
gogo music has been delivering outstanding house music since the turn of the century and became globally renowned for its timeless catalogue, as quality, heart and feeling are present in every release. the label is excited to appropriately celebrate its 15th anniversary by presenting ‘go!!! 15 years of enchanting house music’, a double cd compilation mixed by ralf gum (cd1) and sir lsg (cd2), which will be accompanied by an extensive club-tour throughout the next month. in an era when music labels come and go and where a lot in dance music has become an imitation of what was done before, gogo music followed its very own ethos at all times. 15 successful years in business are an acknowledgement of the label’s success and a milestone worth of note.
Gogo Music
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21.99 EUR *
cd D 22.10.15
incl. armin van buuren probs, dj antoine feat.akon, scooter & vassy, lost frequencies, dash berlin & syzz, gestört aber geil, klaas
Pink Revolver
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16.95 EUR *

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