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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: scratcha dva x gage
12" Vinyl UK 05.04.19
keysound recordings are excited to present three very unique cuts from scratcha dva x gage: “flytnurse,” “piffd” and “flytnurse (darqmix)”. dark, euphoric, weighty, and somewhat restless, they defy obvious categorisation. gage has made himself a formidable reputation by releasing some of the most forward-thinking darker dance music in the last three years, predominantly on the ever-quality crazy legs imprint. “telo” was a standout dancefloor moment, equal parts impactful and experimental, quickly followed up by the -mercury ep,- -2017 stay paro- and his banger-collab with kevin jz prodigy, -bad bitch.- scratcha dva first appeared on keysound 66 releases ago with the explosive dread grime anthem “bullet a go fly” featuring badness, riko, flowdan and killa p. but in truth he has a lengthy production back catalogue both before and after that 12”, with albums on hyperdub, his new “interludes” project and a track on the recent landmark kode9 & burial fabriclive 100
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