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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: sasaki hiroaki
12" 23.11.21
minimal tech/house tracks. tip!
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10.08 EUR *
12" UK 27.11.20
mood of the era with a super limited white label release from sasaki hiroaki.
Mood Of The Era
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10.63 EUR *
12" 28.06.18
catalog number-yotsume 002- used as a missing number in long years is released as the 5th work of sasaki hiroaki’s yotsume-music. this “winter ep” is sasaki’s latest includes a remix by stewart walker who is a berlin based producer and based on experience releasing distinguished labels such as force inc, tresor, m_nus. starting from sasaki’s track a1”winter” has a long dubby bass, a pad sound is covering this euphoric minimal work which rhythm comes and goes like a returning wave. it likes snowscape of japanese ink painting. b1”stewart walker snowflake mix” is a reconstructed “winter” landscape and soundscape by stewart walker’s minimalistic approach.the grain of the sound with the three-dimensional feeling scattered on the low-frequency, it conjures images of the snow piling over the white, chill earth.b2”over” shows the another aspect of sasaki’s emotional side. it has a simple but selective rhythm and matter-of-factly composition of piano and pad sound, which makes us feel the end of a long journey. it s quality and brilliant minimal house release is shown how each of these three tracks differ this time. vinyl only.
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9.24 EUR *
12" 25.05.18
losouls another picture label follows on from eps in 2017 by honesty and the label boss himself with a new two tracker by japanese artist sasaki hiroaki. the yotsume label owner is based in tokyo and his sleek sounds take cues from 80s new wave and look for a soulful vibe in electronic music. 2018 has already seen him release on open recordings and now he offers up some warm house rollers for another picture. ‘eo1 is eight minutes of rubbery drums and loose, scattered percussion, tumbling toms and clicks. dreamy chords light up the background and the whole thing drives ever deeper into the night, always evolving as it goes. on the flip, ‘plain song is just as heartfelt, but icy hi hats and metal stabs are more upright, getting you on your toes and keeping you there for another eight minutes of organic, authentic deep house bliss.
Another Picture
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7.77 EUR *
12" UK 27.02.18
open s 5th release invites japan s sasaki hiroaki from yotsume music. sasaki s smooth blend of thoughful tech house has been presented in 2 original pieces as key ingredients for any after hours gathering expressing tripped out broken piano excursions with subtle driving drums. frazer campbell pulls his version back from the after party to the daytime with a version that raises the heartrate with bold 101 synth leads and chicago influenced percusion. finest hours pablo tarno joins the release with his signature sound of garage meets early techno providing a classy envelope of silk like power for the peak time floor.
OPEN 005
Open UK
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10.03 EUR *
12" JP 30.05.16
sasaki hiroaki is a minimal techno/minimal house artist from japan. his label * yotsume-music* has just released its 3rd ep. the 1st ep (recorded in -yone-ko rework-) is highly sought after on dicogs, whilst the new icon ep resembles these floating pads combined with a very tight sound machine rhythm on its four minimal techno and minimal house tracks. a1 * circle* brings a sorrow sound loop whilst a2 * forever* features a hypnotic synth pattern. the b side relies heavily on floating pads with * icon* and brings a dubby, deep sea feeling with b2 *kaii* . all 4 minimal techno/ minimal house tracks!!!
Yotsume Music
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10.64 EUR *

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