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12" Vinyl D 27.01.11
richie hawtin, monika kruse, brothers vibe, robert dietz, karotte, butch, sis, tiefschwarz, riva starr, pig&dan, tom wax, ferry corsten, stephan bodzin, coyu, romano alfieri, &me, nic fanculli, timo maas, tim green, meat, emmerson todd, paco osuna
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2x cd D 21.02.12
2011 two cd collection, the fourth installment in the mix series comprised of exclusive releases and re-edits by lawler himself. -in this day and age, a mix compilation needs to be special in some way, as dj mixes are freely available all over the internet,- lawler explained ahead of the release. -i want my fans to get a mix of tracks that are unique to its own arrangement and composition. when you buy the tracks as singles, people will get the original version of the track which in some cases may sound very different. only with the version on this mix will they get my re-arranged versions-this is, and always has been, the tradition of my lights out albums.-
Viva Music
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