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12" Vinyl NL 12.05.16
limited 2013 repress - vinyl only
in collaboration with aniara records sankt goran presents an old swedish release that has been released as promo only in 1999. its a release called slobban by a late 90s trio of jens johansson, peter gustafsson and carl magnus ernström from falun in the woods of dalarna, two hours north of stockholm. almost classic detroit techno tracks with some jazzy influences from these guys that have been playing around and tweeking their deep bass nine, tb-303, korg dw8000 and yamaha dx7 & dx10, sprinkling some samples on top with the casio fz-10m since 1994. the peepz of aniara were so impressed by this obscure record that they found it essential to get a small run back avaialble for the many vinyl heads around. vinyl only release of these great swedish techno tracks somehow in the vein of the breakthrough tracks of aril brihka. nice one!
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