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Ohne Filter erneut suchen: sahau / ak41
12" Vinyl RO 15.11.17
one vinyl, two tracks, three artists. this is how the latest va from zimbru could be summed up.
on side a we have a driving mysterious groove amped up by the sexy bassline and the deep moody atmosphere. sahau&#700,,,,,,,,,s track is immersed in an electro eclectism that is meant to be subtle and dynamic at the same time. this was recorded live and it&#700,,,,,,,,,s pressed as it was.
side b is the dark side for sure. this time it&#700,,,,,,,,,s only kozo and dan andrei (ak41) and their rendering is a hypnotic 12 minute long piece layered with a multitude of sounds ranging from the crickets and jungle birds to the more electronic bubbly and metallic tones. it&#700,,,,,,,,,s named after paul who had already left the building when this was recorded.
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